The Yescom Commercial 12L 5000W Deep Fryer Review

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For commercial dining enterprises, a deep fryer can be an invaluable gadget. Deep fryers need to be chosen with care as safety is an important issue. Hot oil splashes can be dangerous.

The fryers need to have a high capacity as well if they are to be used in restaurants and other dining establishments.

The 12 liter 5000W Deep Fryer from Yescom fulfills all of these requirements. It has several features of note that enable it to be a suitable addition to a commercial kitchen. There are also features to enhance its safety aspect, something that cooks will appreciate.

The use of stainless steel adds to the robustness and durability of the construction. There are features that enhance its usability as well.

Yescom Commercial 12L 5000W Deep Frye


Mega Brand Dual Basket Stainless Steel Electric Countertop Deep Fryer




Here are some of the important features of the Yescom Deep Fryer.

  • There are two tanks in this fryer
  • The fryer has a total tank capacity of 12 liters with each tank having a capacity of 6 liters
  • The total wattage of the fryer is 5000W with each tank being of 2500 watts
  • The fryer requires a power supply of 110V at 60Hz
  • The temperature range of the fryer is 60 to 200 degrees Celsius or 140 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The dimensions of the fryer is 23″ x 18″ x 12″
  • The dimensions of each tank is 12.75″ x 10.5″ x 5.75″
  • The dimensions of the basket provided is 7.25″ x 8.25″ x 4.25″
  • The length of the handle is 9.5”
  • The length of the power cord is 59”


The Yescom Deep Fryer has a few features that can prove to be quite beneficial to the commercial establishment.

  • The Deep Fryer comes with accurate thermostats for maintaining the right temperature
  • Each tank can be covered by means of a lid to prevent the boiling oil from splashing around
  • The dregs can be filtered out easily with the residue plates
  • Each tank can be operated individually and independent of the other as each has its own power plug


While the Deep Fryer has good beneficial properties, there are a few features which could have been better.

  • The edges of the fryer are quite sharp, which can be a problem while cleaning it
  • It takes time for the tanks to recover the temperature
  • The build quality of the knobs and the basket handle could be better
  • While it is claimed to be a commercial fryer, its quality is not up to expected commercial standards


The Yescom Deep Fryer is meant to be used by commercial establishments. It does have some features which make it a good choice. Being a countertop model, the fryer can be installed in the kitchen with ease.

Usability is further enhances by the presence of thermostats. The temperature of each tank can be maintained individually and accurately. This can benefit the cooking process.

Each tank can be operated independently of the other as there is a power plug for each. They come with lid covers made of stainless steel. These covers can prevent the boiling oil in the tank from splashing or spilling over when the tank is not in use. Residue plates have also been provided for getting rid of the dregs.

Be that as it may, the deep fryer lacks the strength to be a true commercial tool. Heavy demands cannot be placed on it.

It is good enough to be used occasionally. Regular use may cause the fryer to start suffering from issues. Cleaning becomes a hassle as well. The edges are quite sharp. It can easily harm you if it is not cleaned with care.

Another issue that might be an annoyance to some users is the temperature regulation. Once lost, it can take quite some time before the temperature returns to the desired level. The time required for the temperature to rise can also be a problem when you are cooking.

Care must also be taken when plugging the fryer in. The high voltage requirements can cause short-circuits. It is better to plug each tank into separate circuits to prevent electrical faults.


Comparing the Yescom Deep Fryer to the other similar varieties available in the market can help in understanding how good it actually is. Two other good deep fryers in the market are the Deep Fryer 35034 from Hamilton Beach and the Deep Fryer from HomCom.

The Deep Fryer from HomCom is quite sturdy as expected from a commercial grade fryer. Like the Yescom Deep Fryer, the HomCom Deep Fryer has two tanks with a capacity of 6L each, making a total of 12L. The capacity is certainly good enough for commercial purposes. Lid covers and thermostats are present as well.

Overall, this deep fryer can be a good choice. It does have a few drawbacks however. The switches are not of a good quality and stop working within a few days. The price is another factor. It costs quite a bit of money, significantly higher than what Yescom charges.

The Deep Fryer from Hamilton Beach is another good choice. While it has a single tank, it comes with three baskets, two of which are big. The smaller one can be attached to a bigger basket for cooking different foods at the same time. The fryer comes with an adjustable timer to aid the cooking process.

However, the fryer is incapable of maintaining the temperature perfectly. The build quality is not the best. As for its price, it is considerably lower than the Yescom Deep Fryer.


The Yescom Deep Fryer is definitely not the best deep fryer in the market. However, it is not the worst option. In fact, it is rather good. Those who want a deep fryer with a high capacity for occasional use can actually find this to be an affordable option.

This deep fryer can be suitable for home use as well. Care must be taken when plugging it in to avoid short circuits. The sharp edges make it harder to clean as well. If these are not a bother then the Yescom Deep Fryer can be a good addition to the kitchen.