How Does a Deep Fryer Work?

deep frying donuts

Deep fryers, as the name implies, are kitchen equipment used to submerge food in hot fat or oil as most users tend to do. The process of deep frying is rather straightforward as deep fryers are used for cooking food items which require entirely submerging in oil/fat. The deep fryers can be used to prepare food […]

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Deep Fryer Vs Pan Frying

Deep frying sliced potatoes

Frying is a food preparation method that requires the use of fat or oil to prepare the food till it’s soft and tender and often brown and ready for consumption. Frying can be done in either a pan (pan frying) or a deep fryer. Both methods of frying are efficient and use oil, but the significant […]

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Are Deep Fryers Healthy?

Onion rings

If being healthy is your top priority, then owning deep fryers may not exactly be your preference as deep fried foods are usually not so healthy. They are delightful and appealing to the taste buds, but the excess oil from these foods make them very unhealthy meals. Moreover, they usually offer little nutritional values when […]

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Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer Review

chicken nuggets and onion rings with ketchup

If you’ve ever gone to a state fair as a child or as an adult, you will know that the smell of deep-fried food is very alluring. There is something very satisfying with eating food that has been dipped in batter and fried until it has become crispy and golden on the outside. It may be […]

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10 Deep Fryer Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Japanese egg roll

Many issues will begin to pop up when a machine like a deep fryer isn’t cleaned or maintained properly. Units like this should be kept clean at all times because we use it to cook our food. If your deep fryer is not cleaned regularly we risk contaminating our food and getting sick from eating […]

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Air Fry or Deep Fry: Which Is Better?

French fries

When you admit that you love to eat a lot of fried food, it can come with a lot of judgment. For many people, fried food is a guilty pleasure they would rather hide in secret instead of letting people know. If you’ve had a conversation with someone who loves fried food, but doesn’t want […]

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