How to Use a Deep Fryer?

French fries in a Deep Fryer

Deep frying your meat is one of the ways you can make your meal dishes memorable feasts. However, since you might not be an experienced chef, you might need to learn a thing or two about how to use a deep fryer to get your food just how you want it to be.

After all, you do not have any intention of spoiling your appetite and even worse turning off your family around the dinner table because of bad tasting food.

Therefore, learning the pros and cons of using a deep fryer to prepare your meat dish is necessary if you want to make great tasting finger-licking food.

To properly fry your meat in a deep fryer, carefully follow the steps given below and in no time you will feel like a pro and have the entire family loving you for it.

Make note that most manufacturers usually sell their cooking device with instructions on how to use a deep fryer.

Steps of Using Deep Fryer

1.  Put enough oil into the deep fryer

Once you choose the oil that is best suitable for frying, pour enough of it into the deep fryer. Take care to just put in the right amount, which is not too little and not too much either. For some units, the manufacturer makes the product with a max full line so that you do not overdo putting in too much oil.

2.  Heat the oil until it reaches the right temperature

For some people, it is a switch they use to turn on the heat and for others it is a plug. Depending on the cooking machine you are using, whether it is a switch or a plug installation, you must turn on the heat so that the oil gets the right amount of warmth.

You should try not to go overboard with the heat because this can burn your food. For great frying, you should put the heat level at between 350 degrees F and 375 degrees F.

If your cooking apparatus has a thermostat to keep the heat at the right level then chances are you will not run into any problems with the frying. However, it would be better if you have a working fat fryer thermometer so you can be certain the heat is right where you want it to be.

3.  Have your food dry and ready

If you place water covered food into hot oil, you are asking for a bit of trouble because the oil will give a bad reaction that might cause you to get burnt in the process.

Therefore, you have to make sure your food is properly patted dry or covered by some kind of batter ingredient like flour or breadcrumbs. To dry your food, you can use some paper towel or kitchen towel.

4.  Put food into the fryer slowly and carefully

Some cooking mechanism allows you to lower food into the fryer with the help of a lock-in-place basket. However, if your model is different, you can still carefully and slowly lower the food into the fryer with the use of a slotted spoon or fork. Either way, the process must be carried out with much care on your part. It is better to be safe than sorry later.

5.  Set the timer so that you do not over fry the food

If you have a timer on the cooking machine you are using, you should set it to the time when you think the food will be properly fried. If no timer on it then set your phone to the required time the frying should complete.

If your frying should only take a minute or so, then do not set a timer but stick close by so you can remove the food in time. Over fried food will not only burn but suck up too much oil and lose moisture.

6.  Remove the food from the fryer

Once the food is properly fried and ready, you should carefully remove it from the hot oil. If you use a basket to fry the food in the oil then slowly and carefully remove it. If no basket then you should use a suitable spoon or fork to remove fried food.

If you should decide to use a spoon then you must make sure to use it to drain the food of any excess oil while you are lifting the fried product from the fryer. Do not use your bare hands.

7.  Drain the food from all excess oil

After removing the food from the oil, it may have some excess grease present on it. If you use a spoon or fork to remove the food from the cooker, you should place it on grease paper or hand towel to remove excess oil or grease.

You can also use a hand towel to pat it dry if you like. If your completed fried food is in a basket you should let it sit there for a while until it is dry.

Eating too much oily food is unhealthy and can make you sick, not to mention your mouth can get burnt from the hot oil.

8.  Time to eat

Now that your food is properly prepared, it is now time to eat and enjoy your labor. You can try doing various food recipes on your fryer so you can move from being a beginner to a pro.

Some safety tips to keep in mind

Safety rules is a must for you to follow when deep frying because a little carelessness can cause you to receive serious bodily injury. Injury can come from being burnt with hot scorching oil or from a fire.

  • Most manufacturers make their frying apparatus with a lid for safety purposes. If yours comes with one, make sure to use it at all times when you are frying food in your cooking area.
  • If your mechanism carries an electric cord, make sure to put it at a safe place in your cooking space so you will not trip over it. If the cord has to be in an area where you are working, you should be mindful of it so you will not get tripped up by it.
  • Wait until the oil cools down before emptying the fryer. Oil that is not at room temperature is dangerous if it touches your skin.
  • Do not overflow your deep fryer with too much food all at once. If you load too much food during frying, the oil will flow over and can cause damage to your stove or cooking mechanism.

Knowing the proper way how to use a deep fryer will make your cooking time easier on you. When cooked right, your food will taste much better and you can always enjoy a healthy meal, thanks to your deep fryer.