How to Fry Chicken?

Fried chicken wings

Chicken is one of the most popular dishes and more people than ever are curious of just how to fry chicken in the right way.  

With this versatile meal you can create delicious, nutritious, protein packed meals and you can deep fry the chicken for a crispy mouthwatering meal.  How many people just love fried chicken?  As amazing as it sounds, do you actually know how to fry chicken?  This is rather important as fried chicken is the most common method of cooking chicken.

With some arguable debate, it might actually be one of the best ways to cook chicken.

How to fry chicken

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to fry chicken, we have it!  Take a look at all the details and check the brief infographic guide below!

How to fry the best chicken

Frying a chicken is fairly simple. The harder part is cooking it just so that it won't lose flavor or crispiness if the outer layer is overcooked.

Here are quick and simple steps you can follow:

  • Prepare the batter. You can either use a quick-mix, pre-made batter or you can use your very own recipe or homemade batter.
  • Place the batter into a large bowl or a pan and dip your chicken, just enough to have it covered in all areas.
  • If using a pan, make sure that you have enough oil to cover the chicken.
  • Heat the pan or deep fryer to the right temperature. (About 350 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit depending on what part of the chicken you are frying.)
  • Place the chicken into the hot pan or deep fryer for about 10 minutes.
  • Take it out and put it into a strainer or place it on paper towels
     for the oil to be strained or absorbed.
  • Enjoy the chicken!

The key in creating the best and perfect fried chicken lies in the batter and the temperature of the oil.

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what temperature to deep fry chicken

They also taste delicious fried in vegetable oil (or other oils, check out our oil selection guide here) and are a great source of protein that way too.

Here’s a quick and handy guide for how to deep fry chicken:

What temperature to deep fry chicken?

350°F to 375°F (117°C to 191°C) is the best temperature for deep frying chicken; some oils smoke at higher temps, and at lower temps the oil can drop too low when you add the chicken to the oil.

Smaller cuts (wings, etc) cook best on the 350°F side of the spectrum while the larger pieces (thighs, breast, whole chicken) cook better on the 375°F level.

temperature for deep fried chicken

On most deep fryers without an actual temperature gauge, this would be medium-high heat. If you’re not sure on your deep fryer, consider using a deep-fry thermometer for the first time to get an idea.

If you’re frying room temperature pieces of chicken, you should stick with the lower ranges of time as stated below; frozen chicken would be at the higher end of the range.


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How long to deep fry chicken wings?

How long to deep fry chicken wings

About 10 minutes at 375°F (191°C); check the largest wing to see if it was thoroughly cooked – clear juices and nice white meat mean you’re done and ready to feast.

How long to deep fry chicken legs?

How long to deep fry chicken legs

About 15 minutes at 375°F (191°C); to see if it’s done, slice open the meatiest portion of one of the larger legs and check for clear running juices.

If that’s what you see, let them cool somewhat and then enjoy! 

How long to deep fry chicken breast?

How long to deep fry chicken breast

About 14-17 minutes at 375°F (191°C); if you want to cook them faster, then slice them into strips and cook for 6-8 minutes instead.

(This is assuming you’re using boneless skinless chicken breasts)

How long to deep fry chicken tenders?

How long to deep fry chicken tenders

About 6-8 minutes at 375°F (191°C); most chicken tenders are pre-cooked from the store and if this is the case, as long as the outside is crispy you are good to go.

If you made them yourself, make sure the juices run clear and there’s no red at all. If there is, simply cook for 1-2 minutes longer and check again.

How long to deep fry chicken thighs?

How long to deep fry chicken tenders

About 15 minutes at 375°F (191°C); to see if they’re done, remove the largest thigh.  Then using a knife and fork, open the meatiest portion of the thigh and check to make sure the juices run clear.

Deep-fried chicken thighs are one of the best parts of the chicken! Soon it will takeover chicken wings as the top favorite.

How long to deep fry chicken nuggets?

How long to deep fry chicken tenders

About 4 minutes at 350°F (191°C); most nuggets come precooked, so as long as the outside is a nice crispy golden brown they should be suitable for eating!

How long to deep fry a whole chicken?

How long to deep fry chicken tenders

Heat oil to 350°F and cook for about 4 minutes per pound. To see if they’re done, insert a meat thermometer into the breast and you want to see an internal temperature of 165

How long does it take to fry chicken?

An average time for any type of chicken to cook is about 10 minutes. Frying a whole chicken however, is another story.

As noted in almost all of the ones above, the best practice is to find the largest part of the piece of meat you are frying since it stands to reason the largest piece will take the longest to cook.

Once you’ve found the largest piece, cut it open – be aware it will be VERY HOT! Use great caution, and beware the steam can sting your eyes, so protect them as best you can.

Once you’ve cut the chicken open, look to see if the juices are clear; if you see any hint of redness in the juice or meat, cook it a bit longer.

Unlike beef, which can be served rare (partially bloody), chicken blood should never be ingested. It can cause severe sickness if it is!

What is the best oil for deep frying chicken?

Opinions vary of course, but some things to consider are:

High smoke point:

Some oils have a smoke point under 400°F, and if you’re cooking the chicken at 375°F you might hit that smoke point and end up setting off the smoke alarm in your house. Smoke will also negatively affect the taste of the chicken.


Some oils have a strong flavor that can get transferred to the piece of meat you are cooking; this can also be less than desirable.

With these points in mind, the best oil for deep frying chicken is peanut oil since it has a high smoke point, and no flavor transfer.

Vegetable shortening and lard are also good options. See here for our breakdown of what oil is best to use in a deep fryer.

Tip for deep frying breaded chicken pieces:

If you are breading chicken pieces before deep frying, be sure to do so only just before cooking.

If you don’t, the bread crumbs will become soggy from the egg mixture (often whole egg mixed with all-purpose flour and other ingredients) or whatever you’ve coated the chicken with in order to make the bread crumbs stick.

This will affect how the pieces of chicken turn out when done!

If you want the very best results, dip the chicken into the egg mixture, then coat with bread crumbs and place the chicken gently into the deep fryer for the time as stated above (varies per cut of chicken).

Placing the cooked chicken onto paper towels after cooking can allow some of the cooking oil to be removed for a less oily experience.

Salt and/or pepper make great toppings and will really bring out the flavor of the cooked meat; southern fried chicken is an all time favorite!

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How Long to Fry Chicken Legs in Deep Fryer

Sitting and having a scrumptious chicken dinner is always a great way to end the evening.

However, it takes the right skill to get the meat tasting its best and so you may find that preparing the food may just be a daunting task for you to handle because not many people know how long to fry chicken legs in a deep fryer and you might just be in that same category.

Therefore, here is a great instruction manual to follow so that your deep fried chicken legs can really get your mouth watering.

The main thing is for you to get your food tasting finger-licking good and not like some hastily prepared meal on the run that lacks taste as well as flavor.

With the preparation such as washing, coating and the actual frying of the meat reaching completion stage, it can take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour in all – the actual cooking time is only a fraction of that however.

Some people tend to use different methods to deep fry their chicken legs.  So, now for the big question:

How long to deep fry chicken legs?

About 15 minutes, at 375 °F (191 °C); Check to see if it’s done, by cutting into the meatiest part of the drumstick. Clear juices and nice white meat indicate the chicken legs are ready.

Check out one of our favorite ways of prepping deep fried chicken legs:

Ingredients needed for deep frying chicken legs

Your ingredients are very important to work with, especially if you want your chicken legs tasting great. Therefore, one of the first things you must do before preparing the meat is for you to gather your ingredients in one place so that they are within reach.

See a list of ingredients below that you will need to pull your tasty dish off.

  • Chicken leg meats
  • 3 to 4 cups of milk
  • 2 1/4 cups of vegetable shortening to fry with
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Salt
  • All purpose flour
  • Cheyenne pepper
  • Beaten egg

How long do you fry chicken legs?

If you are a beginner cook not really knowing how long to fry chicken legs in a deep fryer, it is better for you to allow the chicken legs to simmer in some milk for about 15 minutes before putting them into the frying pan.

This method will allow the chicken to become moist and lose their hardness.

When the parts are simmered in milk, remove them and allow drying for up to 20 to 30 minutes to take place before applying beaten egg wash coating with flavored breadcrumbs.

Below is a short video guide of how to deep fry chicken legs or drumsticks:

If you prefer, you can coat the legs with flour dusting dipped into your favorite batter. The chicken pieces can start frying immediately after batter coating is done.

Once you complete all the above, turn your oven heat to 190 degrees and then place the chicken in. If you like, you can cook at 375 degrees for 5 minutes and then cook at a decreased temperature of 300 degrees to not overcook the meat for the remaining 10 minutes.

Continue frying until the legs start turning a deep golden brown. Frying should take about 15 minutes to complete. When done, enjoy your meal.

Deep frying tips

Deep frying chicken can be a hassle, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Knowing what to do to have your food cooked well will make your meal more enjoyable.

Follow the tips below when deep frying and you will find it much easier.

1.  Have the right equipment ready

The most important equipment you will need for frying is a deep fryer that will make your chicken legs come out looking and tasting great.

A good deep fryer will hold the heat well so that the meat can become golden brown in the prescribed time.

The fryer usually carries a basket or strainer that you can safely hold with your hand.

The handle is made of non-metal material and the apparatus has a feature that makes it possible for you to save and store any remaining oil that you might want to use in the future.

Although a deep fryer is safer and better to use, if you are without one you can use a large enough pot that has enough room in the bottom to carry out the process of frying the fowl legs.

Just try not to fill the pot too much because you might just cause what is inside of it cooking, to start boiling over.

2.  Choose a good enough cooking oil to use

The cooking oil you choose can make plenty of difference to how your fried food tastes.

Extra Virgin oil might be able to do the job but most chefs prefer using vegetable based oil to bring out the neutral flavor it has. When the neutral flavor comes out, the food will shine and makes it taste great as well.

3.  Properly season the flour

Without properly seasoned flour to coat the chicken legs with, you are risking losing taste when your cooking is complete.

In addition, without the help of the flour, the batter will not stick to the meat. The two main ingredients you must add to the flour are pepper and salt.

Still, to bring out the taste in the meat better, you can add a few more ingredients such as scallions, thyme, paprika and so on. Try not to overdo the seasoning of the flour though.

4.  Create a perfect batter

If you have the perfect batter to prepare your fried legs with, your meat will come out looking all crispy and glowing.

A good batter consists of baking soda, flour, salt, malt vinegar and water. Always remember to use fresh ingredients or otherwise your food will not always come out the way you want it.

5.  Do not overcrowd the deep fryer

If overcrowding occurs, the pot’s temperature will be lowered and hence requires a much longer cooking time, which might remove tastiness from the meat.

The result will be chicken legs that are not deep fried properly. In addition, if the pot is overcrowded you will have a problems moving around and flipping the meat on the other side while cooking is going on.

Knowing how to fry chicken in a deep fryer will help you to cook your poultry meats better.

Your food will come out feeling crispy and looking really scrumptious.