How to Fry a Turkey

Frying a turkey could either be whole or sliced. It is possible to fry a turkey on shallow level oil if it's sliced but a whole turkey requires a deep fry method to cook each part of the turkey evenly.

Most turkeys are cooked using an extra large deep fryer, especially on Thanksgiving. It is much more presentable and holds the holiday spirit if it is whole instead of sliced.

Depending on your taste or preference, dry rub is usually the seasoning used in frying a turkey. But some would choose only to use a mixture of their own herbs and spices with the usual salt and pepper.

Frying turkey is as easy as learning how to fry a chicken except the size of the turkey means you need larger fryers. Learn how to deep fry a turkey below:

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Provided that you already washed the turkey inside and out, simply add some dry rub or your own mixture of the season and let it sit or marinade.

Continue by preheating the fryer and pour a large amount of oil depending on how large your turkey is, to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the oil is enough to sink or submerge all parts of the turkey.

You can use peanut oil or any oil you want depending on your preference.

Place the turkey into the deep fryer, fully submerged into the hot oil, for about 5 minutes per round. That means per 455 grams.

An average turkey is about 7-kg which means it would take about 45 minutes for the turkey to be fully fried. That would give you the interval of frying the turkey thoroughly.

You might want to have your thermometer stick with you. The white meat part of the turkey cooks to about 170 degrees Fahrenheit and the dark meat cooks about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. That would your indicator if the bird is thoroughly cooked inside.

Here's a short video of how to use a meat thermometer:

How Long to Deep Fry a Turkey

Considering that the fryer is preheated about 350 degrees and the oil is hot or boiling, it's fairly easy to determine how long to deep fry turkey.

It takes just about 5 minutes to cook a turkey per round. Each round weighs about 455 grams which means if you're cooking a 20 pounds turkey, it would be done about an hour and 30 minutes.

How Long to Deep Fry a 20 Pound Turkey

A 20-pound turkey takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes to cook, more or less.

Cooking a turkey per round takes at least 5 minutes to cook. It is about 455 grams for each round of turkey which will give you a total of an hour and 35 minutes to thoroughly cook a 20-pound turkey.

How Many Minutes Per Pound to Fry a Turkey

It just takes 5 minutes per pound. An average turkey that weighs about 7 kilograms will take about 45 minutes to cook in a hot fryer at 350 degrees.

You might see or hear some people say per round. Cooking a turkey per round is almost the same as saying, cooking it per pound as each round means cooking 455 grams of turkey which is almost or exactly the same as the conversion of a pound to grams.

How Much Oil to Fry a Turkey

A 9-pound turkey will cost you about 3 to 4 gallons of oil. You can base the size of your turkey from there. Just add 1 gallon as you increase 2 pounds from your base or depending on your judgment.

The best oil to use for frying a turkey would be peanut oil. However, you need to consider diet preference of some people. It could trigger an allergic reaction.

You could try using other oils such as canola.