Hot Tips on How To Clean Air Fryer

Air Fryer

The days of counting calories in fried food are over. You can now enjoy your comfort food without having to wipe and wash grease off everything that comes into contact with the oils used in traditional fryers. Air fryers are advertised as a healthy, guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite fried foods, and they have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. It is easy to see how this took place since they are instrumental in lowering the fat in highly popular foods such as fish sticks, French fries, empanadas and chicken wings. In addition, they're fairly easy to clean and maintain. Here's a quick tip about how to clean air fryer without working a sweat.

How Does It Work?

Air fryers operate by moving hot air containing droplets of fine oil around the food to produce a crispy exterior. This also results in the Maillard effect, which is a chemical reaction that occurs between the reducing sugar reaction that occurs in the heat, and amino acids. This leads to the alterations in the color and flavor of food.

Instead of completely drowning food in oil, air frying requires as little as one tablespoon of oil to achieve a similar taste and texture of deep-fried food.

Kiss those astronomical levels of fat content goodbye!

How Do I Clean My Air Fryer?

Traditionally speaking, the process of deep-frying food was always messy and there is no way to deny the effort that goes into the cleanup. After you’ve prepared your meal, you’ll wind up with a bunch of dirty pans, utensils and a layer of grease on everything around your appliance of choice.

Air fryers, however, are considered to be relatively clean. The cooking basket of the fryer is completely covered, which means that you can avoid the splattering of oil and grease. The fat that is used to cook your food goes all the way down the oil pan.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no need to clean the air fryer after you’ve used it. It’s advisable to do so – after each use.

First, you’ll need warm water and liquid soap in a container. Place your basket inside the container and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes.

Now use a sponge or scrubber to rid the basket of the dirt that is stuck to it. The brush or sponge needs to be delicate in texture to avoid damage to the basket itself.

After you have thoroughly, rinsed out the bottom of the basket, wash off the soapy water from the tap.

You will repeat this process for the pan as well.

The outer portion of the air fryer also needs to be cleaned. It will not become greasy like that of a deep fryer, so cleaning it won’t be much of a task. Simply use a moist cloth for the outer surface, while hot water and a sponge should work just fine for the inner surface.

The cleaning of the deep fryer should essentially be done with a bristle brush. Do not use a hard bristle brush or a steel-wool scouring pad as this might damage the fryer, especially if it is Teflon coated

Below is a quick video of how to perform cleaning and maintenance for air fryers:

Important Factors to Remember

  • The basket of an air fryer is made using non-stick coating. Avoid using abrasive materials while cleaning this part. A non-abrasive scrub pad is safe for use in this case
  • You may use a soft or medium bristle brush
  • Baking soda is very effective in the cleaning of your air fryer and might even prove to be a far healthier and safer option
  • Apart from cleaning the above-mentioned parts after use, you should also be sure to wipe down the coil to avoid that unwanted build-up of kitchen grime

How Do I Clean the Coil of an Air Fryer?

Essentially, you would need to clean the coil of your air fryer a few times a year. In addition to this, if you do find that there is smoke coming from the vent of the air fryer, you should look into cleaning your air fryer well.

For those who use their air fryers more frequently, more frequent cleaning is required. The coil has to be cleaned at least once a month if you make use of your air fryer on a weekly basis:

  • Allow the fryer to cool down after use
  • Unplug it and place in a surface away from the source of power
  • Invert it in an upside-down position
  • Clean the coil using moist kitchen paper
  • Follow up with a soft bristle brush or sponge to rid it of grime
  • Dry using a towel

Cleaning Tips for Your Air Fryer

Should your air fryer become excessively dirty, the normal cleaning routine will not help much. You will need a solution that contains 3 grams of baking powder for every 100ml of water.  This solution will work best when poured into a spray bottle.

  • Remove the basket of your air fryer to start off your cleaning process.  Keep it inverted in an upside-down position
  • Shake your solution well before using it to ensure its effectiveness
  • Spray the solution evenly around the dirty areas of the heater
  • Allow for the solution to percolate through the grime
  • Bring the air dryer to its normal upright position
  • Leave the solution to sit for about half an hour
  • Repeat the previous steps again and remember to allow the dirt to penetrate through the dirt for a minute or so
  • Bring the fryer back into its upright position and place the basket and pan back inside
  • Pour some water into the pan to remove the dirt and to moisten the surface
  • Switch on the fryer and leave it running for about 20 minutes
  • Open the drawer and remove the basket and pan from the fryer
  • Allow the fryer to cool down
  • Wipe down the remaining baking powder and dirt that sticks to the surface. You may use a piece of cloth or paper towel
  • Finally, clean up the area at the back of the heater with special care

Cleaning your air fryer should be fairly easy if you follow these steps. It’s always advisable to take safety precautions with electrical appliances. If you keep your air fryer clean and ready for use, then you’ll face no unexpected surprises.


Apart from enjoying low-fat meals, you can also expect some other benefits:

  • Easy clean up
  • The air fryer cooks your food from all angles using hot-air circulation
  • Cooking with an air fryer produces healthier foods and spares you from that oily aroma that sticks to everything
  • To make sure you get the most out of your appliance, a recipe book to guide you through your new journey of healthy eating accompanies most fryers.
  • Whether you prefer muffins, French fries, chicken tenders, or grilled vegetable, the air fryer does it justice. And it tastes good too
  • All ingredients are cooked with hot air and if you are concerned about how it will look, be sure to know that it looks no different that oil fried food.
  • Many people enjoy the idea of adopting a healthier version of their favorite comfort foods.

Think of it like this: No oil means, no mess, and less fat.