How to Boil Out a Deep Fryer?

How to Boil out a deep fryer Turkey Fryer pot with thermometer

There's a famous saying that goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” This line is usually used to encourage us to practice proper hygiene and know the importance of sanitation.  You want to keep everything clean, including your deep fryer.  That is why you should know how to boil out a deep fryer.

On a personal scale, this means washing your hands before cooking or eating to make sure you don't infect the food in any way. On a wider scale, however, like in a restaurant, this could mean making sure that all equipment and cooking areas are clean.

Cleanliness should always be a priority, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances that we utilize to make the meals we eat. This is to ensure our safety and protect our health.

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean

Keeping your kitchen equipment clean is definitely an essential. You certainly want to enjoy the amazing flavors that food can bring to your taste buds.

This is made possible with the use of completely clean kitchen equipment that will help in delivering those flavors.

If kitchen appliances are not properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, you will be creating many risks that can bring harm and danger to yourself and the people around you.

For fryers, make sure to always boil them out when you use them frequently to make sure they’re clean for future use. Boiling the fryer out keeps it clean, assures food quality, and can help in saving energy.

Several steps to boil out a deep fryer

Cleaning fryers can be a tedious task as it includes several steps. However, this will be worth it, and it will lessen any health risks or dangers from happening.

The cleaning process includes a number of materials which are as follows:

To start off, make sure the fryer is completely off and pour oil inside to completely cool down.

Once the oil is cool enough, drain it from the fryer and make sure to place the liquid in a container if ever you have plans of using it again or properly dispose of it if you don’t plan on using it again.

With a scraper, scrape contents that managed to build up on the sides of the fryer. Make sure to dispose these substances.

Next is where the boil out process begins. You have to fill up the fryer with water.Make sure to fill it up with the same amount as you would with oil.

Pour a little amount of grease-dissolving dish detergent into the water you poured into the fryer and move it around a little to mix the two substances together.

Turn on the fryer so the water inside can begin to boil.Let the water and soap you put in the fryer boil for a while as this will help in loosening and removing the stubborn oil found on the sides.

After several minutes, shut down the fryer and let the liquid inside cool down.Once it’s cool enough, properly dispose the water and wipe the insides with a paper towel or a sponge.

Try your best to remove as much oil as you possibly can from the sides of the fryer.

Boil Out a Deep Fryer Rinse Steps

Next, fill up a bowl with water and add dish detergent. With this mixture, you can moisten the scrubber you’ll use to scrub away any stubborn remaining oil found within the fryer.

Completely rinse the fryer with water afterward.
If there are still oil remnants to be found inside or a sticky film still remains on the fryer, try using baking soda to get rid of it.You can make a paste by mixing a tiny amount of water with baking soda.

Use this paste to rub on the fryer surface where you find any oil remnants.With a sponge or any cloth, rub this paste into a circular motion and continue doing so until the remnants are removed.

After that, rinse the fryer again with water.
Make sure that the fryer is clear of any cleaning products before wiping it dry with a towel.Make sure that all areas of the fryer are dry before using the appliance again.

Other ways to clean your fryer

There are other tips you can rely on to have a clean and safe fryer for your cooking needs. For dryers that are extremely dirty, people have resorted to using oven cleaners as a solutions.

However, these cleaners do come with strong chemicals, and you should be really cautious when putting it inside the fryer. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly so that no chemicals will transfer to the cooking oil and food contents you put in the fryer.

Vinegar is also used as a component that can remove sticky stuff. Mix this with hot water, and with a scrubber, apply it onto the fryer’s surfaces. Also thoroughly rinse this when you’re done.

Some oil stains can become extra stubborn over time and end up being difficult to remove. You can make these stains “fresh” once more by spraying them with something called WD-40.

This will soften the stain, making it easier to scrub or wipe away. Also be sure to rinse the fryer very well when you’re done.

Importance of Periodic Cleaning

Everybody loves some good fried food. Not only does it taste good, but it also makes us feel happy and full with its mouthwatering flavors.

It’s become very popular to fry various food, and this isn’t just restricted to meat.

Nowadays, you can fry sweets, vegetables, and even ice cream! However, it’s important to give your fryers periodic cleanings as this will remove any oil or substances that build up over time.

These buildups can affect the flavor of your food, and nobody will definitely enjoy that. Cleaning may take up a little bit of your time but will be worth it when you indulge yourself in some good-flavored fried food.