How to BBQ Chicken

The common food most people love is  BBQ. That's because it is quick and simple to prepare and very easy to cook.

However, it's not that convenient living in the city because of ventilation issues. That's why it is important to learn how to BBQ Chicken in different ways to avoid complaints.

There are 2 ways you can make BBQ chicken; one is by grilling which can either be a charcoal grill or indoor electric grill and the other is baking.

It is possible to make BBQ chicken with the use of an oven as it provides the same heat requires to cook any food without frying it to a crisp. The secret lies to the ingredients used to create the same taste, texture, and aroma, grilling can provide.

You can choose to use varieties of herbs, seasoning and the most important one, BBQ sauce to make it rich, tasty and succulent.

Furthermore, baking allows you to grill indoors without worries about proper ventilation, especially when you're living in a city apartment with complaining neighbors.

How to Make BBQ Chicken

It's fairly easy. Simply add seasoning, salt, and pepper to taste in a large pan and mix well until all parts and pieces are perfectly covered, place it on the grill or on a baking pan if you plan to bake.

It's as easy as learning how to fry a chicken.

You can add some herbs and spices to give the taste a twist and a barbecue sauce to make it more juicy, tasty and succulent depending on your preference.

How to Grill BBQ Chicken

Grilling is the best way to BBQ Chicken. The taste, texture, and aroma are incomparable compared to baking.

Place the chicken on the pan or a bowl and add the seasoning according to your preference. Preheat the grill for about 5 minutes and gently place your chicken.

Depending on your grill, close the lid if it has one and let it be if it has none and allows to cook.

Basting the chicken is optional but you can baste the chicken with barbecue sauce or your homemade sauce every 5 minutes until chicken is evenly cooked. It adds more flavor, juice, and aroma to the chicken.

How to BBQ Chicken on a Gas Grill

Preheat the grill for about 10 minutes and place the chicken down in the grill.

Most gas grills have a lid. Make sure to close it properly so that heat won't get through and would cook your chicken faster and juicier.

Let the chicken cook for about 15 minutes and turn it over to the other side when the skin and meat start to turn brown and let it cook again for about 10 minutes.

Once cooked, you'd see the chicken skin starts to get crispy and meat is soft, tender and brown.

The secret to a flavorful and tasty BBQ chicken lies on the ingredients.

You can choose to make it simple and just season it with salt and pepper or make it more juicer and succulent by adding BBQ sauce.

You can even make it spicy by adding some herbs and spices to the mix.

How to BBQ Chicken on a Charcoal Grill

Preheat the grill for about 10 minutes and place the chicken direct to the heat.

Some charcoal grill does not come with lids so it takes much longer for them to cook but most have lids so it doesn't really differ much compared to other grills.

Let the chicken cook for 10 to 15 minutes until the skin turns crispy and the color turns brown. Flip it over and cook the other side about 10 minutes and remove it off the grill.

How to Grill BBQ Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is much faster to grill compared to other parts. The breast part is lean and thinner compared to other parts of the chicken.

Season the chicken depending on your taste and preference.  However, it is best advised to at least season it with salt and pepper to make it tastier as it cooks.

Start by preheating the grill for 5 - 10 minutes and place the chicken breast on the area with most heat for faster cooking.

Let the chicken breast sit for 10 - 15 minutes and turn it over to cook the other side for the same amount of time.

Below is a short video of one of the best grilled chicken breast you can try:

The meat will turn golden brown once cooked.

How to Bake BBQ Chicken

Turn on the oven and preheat it to about 400 degrees F and prep your chicken.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper to taste.

You can twist your recipe and flavor by adding some ingredients to the mix such as spices and herbs for aroma.

You can also use homemade barbecue sauce to make it tastier and juicier as it cooks.

Start by placing the seasoned chicken into the baking pan and putting it inside the oven for about 25 minutes.