DeLonghi D24527DZ Dual Zone 3-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer Review

French fries in wooden plate

No matter how you like your fried food prepared, DeLonghi dual zone deep fryer has got you covered. This sleek looking, high-end deep fryer is all you need to prepare your favorite deep fried snacks and meal from onion rings to chicken wings and French fries. The deep fryer is capable of containing food of up to 3 pounds, which means more capacity and more mouths to feed.

The dual zone technology of the DeLonghi makes lingering odors a thing of the past as this deep fryer provides a cool zone of oil for collecting pieces of food that falls, thus preventing burning of this items and ultimately, eliminating the issue of odors.

DeLonghi patented ‘easy clean’ draining system is used on this deep fryer and its major work is to ensure that cleanup process after using the deep fryer is as straightforward as possible without the usual complications arising from cleaning up greasy containers. The easy drain tech lets you pull out a stored hose, which is in the fryer front, and use it to drain the oil from the deep fryer.

There’s also a permanent filter made of stainless steel which is nonstick and thus easy to cleanup as well. The DeLonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer has a removable heating element as well as detachable parts which are dishwasher safe, thus making the general cleanup of the deep fryer pretty easy and odor protection guaranteed.

The deep fryer uses a magnetic detachable cord which easily detaches from the deep fryer to prevent accidents at home. This also makes it safe to use with your kids present as you can be rest assured that the boiling grease won’t be splattering over them if they get careless.

This DeLonghi D24527DZ deep fryer has a digital timer and an adjustable thermostat which makes timing the food easy and convenient so your fried food would be perfect when done. There’s also a window lid to check the food without taking off the lid and a cool touch handle to prevent accident such as burns while deep frying.

There’s also an added layer of precaution for users of this DeLonghi deep fryer – the patented condensation shield which helps avoid oil from dripping on the attached connection cord.

DeLonghi D24527DZ Dual Zone 3-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer


  • Has a large 3 pounds capacity able to contain enough food to feed an entire family
  • An oil cool zone which is located just beneath the heating element prevents food items from burning, thus reduces smell and keeps your oil clean and good for reuse
  • Makes use of an ‘easy clean’ patented system of draining oil that lets you simply pull out a stored hose from the front of the deep fryer and drain the grease/oil
  • It has an adjustable thermostat and an indicator light. Temperature ranges from 300 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the food to be deep fried
  • There’s a digital alarm to keep you in check, so you don’t have to worry about over frying


  • Has an efficient cleanup process which is easy to see through
  • Large capacity deep fryer
  • Lots of frying baskets
  • Premium looking deep fryer with lots of features
  • Built sturdy with brushed stainless steel material

Things to be aware of

This is a premium product from DeLonghi, thus it’s pricing is seemingly steep but worth it. One thing however you should bear in mind is that not everybody always has positive things to say about products they buy so here are a few things from users of the product you should be aware of:

  • Many users have complained about the deep fryer not being able to keep temperature which is a serious issue
  • There are also complaints of manufacturing errors which requires fixing but lack of receipts have caused them to miss out on the repairs
  • Some users say it works better for heating just small amounts of food and not large quantities

Bottom line

The overall build quality and service delivery of the DeLonghi D24527DZ Dual Zone deep fryer is great. The product does what it says it would do and has a lot of features to make it effective, stress-free kitchen equipment. It’s a must have for any lover of deep fried foods.