10 Deep Fryer Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

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Many issues will begin to pop up when a machine like a deep fryer isn’t cleaned or maintained properly. Units like this should be kept clean at all times because we use it to cook our food. If your deep fryer is not cleaned regularly we risk contaminating our food and getting sick from eating it.

Another good reason to learn the proper ways of cleaning a deep fryer is to prolong its life. A well-maintained machine will function longer, and it will save you a lot of money on future purchases. Here are some quick and easy tips you can use today to get your deep fryer spic and span and looking new again.

Tip 1: Clean Often

The reason why deep fryers are so hard to clean is that they have been accumulating grease and grime for some time. If left unchecked for a long period of time the used oil and some bits of food will cling to the fryer, especially the basket and it will be a challenge to get out. If you use your deep fryer regularly, make sure to clean it regularly as well.

Tip 2: Unplug Immediately

A deep fryer is an electrically powered machine. Cleaning it while it is still plugged is a hazard and can cause serious injuries. Once you are done cooking, immediately unplug the unit to reduce chances of burns and other accidents.

Tip 3: Let the Oil Cool Down

Hot oil is very dangerous. It can cause severe damage to you and even to other household appliances. Make sure that the oil is completely cooled down before you start cleaning a deep fryer to avoid any mishaps.

Tip 4: Disposing of Oil Properly

If you are reusing the oil, you can safely store it away until you need it again. If you are planning to discard excess oil, DO NOT throw the oil down the drain. This can clog your pipes and cause your sink to back up and give rise to other problems. Instead, place the oil in a disposable container and throw it away.

Cleaning the Deep Fryer

Now that your deep fryer has cooled down and you have either stored or properly disposed of the used oil it is time to get your elbows dirty. Although there are different ways to clean deep fryer depending on the make and model of your unit, these tips address the general issue, and you might find them useful.

Step 1: Wiping

Jumping to clean your deep fryer with cleaning agents will not be very effective because of the amount of oil and grease on the machine. First, wipe down the unit using a paper towel or a rag to remove any excess of oily residue.

Step 2: Soap and Water

Next, dip a sponge in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Use this to wipe both inside and outside the unit. Be careful not to spill any water near the fryer’s electrical connections.

Step 3: Filter Cleaning

Washing the filter separately gives the best results. High-pressure water is great, but it shouldn’t be so strong that it damages the filter. If you are not confident with controlling the water pressure, using a brush with cleaning solution will work fine too.

Step 4: Odor Control

If you use your deep fryer regularly, a typical smell may develop. To reduce this smell, take a 1:9 vinegar to water ratio and fill the fryer with it. The vinegar will react with the remaining food and grease debris and help to neutralize the smell. After some time, pour out the solution and rinse the fryer.

Step 5: Cleaning the Outer Surface

Some grease and food residue might build upon the outer surface of your deep fryer. Do not use harsh chemicals or brushes to clean them. Instead, a degreaser or a paste made from water and baking soda will work great. Let the paste mixture stand for 10 minutes and use a paper towel to take the grime off. Rinse and dry when the outer surface is good and clean.


Cleaning a deep fryer isn’t hard if you do it regularly. Do not wait for a foul smell to develop or until your deep fryer is covered in a crust made from oil, grease, and leftover food debris before you start cleaning it. How to clean a deep fryer is actually pretty basic and you just have to get your hands dirty and you’ll be using your fryer for longer.