Deep Fried Water

guy slicing deep fried ball

With the latest food trend, culinary arts really try to expand its scope and it’s filled with creativity and imagination. Recently, people have been trying to dare different culinary chefs whether or not you can actually cook deep fried water. Sounds funny, isn’t it? However, you actually can.

I would say that there’s really no point of deep frying water or does it include some sense into it but it is more of accepting the challenge and as an art of cooking, you can never stop trying.

As we all know, there’s a higher percentage of people in America and other large countries who love deep fried foods. There have been innovations made to cook different types of dishes and recipes such as deep-fried ice-cream, fried butter, fried cheese, bubble gum and more. Adding to that, one of the latest innovations, applied to creativity, imagination and a bit of a challenge to the culinary arts would be the deep-fried water.

How To Make Deep Fried Water

The process of how you can deep fry water is called spherification. It is using different substances that could hold the water inside and forms a sphere. Substances such as sodium alginate, calcium alginate and calcium chloride along with other gelatinous substances would do the trick. It allows the water to be handled like the characteristics of a solid. However, some of these gelatinous substances may not be strong enough to hold the water when you start to deep fry it. You can use coatings such as flour, egg, and breadcrumbs to make the outer layer of the sphere thicker, enabling it to withstand certain heat and pressure.

Probably the first chef to ever tried it and quoted it as “stupid things no one needs and terrible ideas” was Jonathan Marcus. You can check out the video below on how he did it:

The satisfaction of successfully deep frying water is rewarding but the taste, on the other hand, is not. It’s actually the blandest taste of the deep fried food you’d ever eat if you happen to make one on your own. If you just want to deep fry water for the benefit of the culinary art and accepting a challenge, you can easily do it for fun. But deep frying water for any health, taste or nutritional benefit, it really doesn’t make sense as it does not have any. In fact, you’d be making the water more unhealthy compared to just drinking it out of your dispenser.


Keep in mind that water and hot oil don’t really get along well and deep frying water would probably make the kitchen environment harsher when water gets out of the gelatinous sphere coating. It is best to try it with extra care and caution. Additionally, make sure that the lid of your deep fryer is closed and don’t overcook the sphere to avoid breaking the gelatinous layer that holds it together.

There are really no special ingredients in making deep fried water. But who knows, someday some people might give time in perfecting the dish and might add some flavors to the water, making it a juice or some liquefied substance with a remarkable taste that would really set the dish on another level. We’ll see how it all goes from here.