Deep Fried DIY Pet Food

Fish frying

Deep frying isn’t just something that would satisfy a human’s cravings. There are so many applications where even with the latest trend in the pet industry, deep frying cat foods or dog foods can come in handy. That’s correct. DIY pet foods are now something most people do. You might think of it as something expensive compared to just buying a can or a bag of dog or cat food rather than cooking for them but that’s not the case in this situation.

Did you know that frying or deep frying any type of meat would actually kill most of the bacteria, present in the meat that hastens the process of degeneration and spoilage? That’s actually one of the benefits of deep frying a food compared to steaming, boiling, grilling and other ways or techniques of cooking. The heat thoroughly distributed evenly be deep frying the meat into the oil at a great temperature actually helps the food recover from spoiling and can somehow be eaten with some vitamins and minerals still present within the meat.

Food that’s about to spoil

There’s usually a food that’s about to spoil or is already spoiled every now and then where our pets still find delicious and nutritious to satisfy their meaty appetite. A good example would be a spoiled fish, pork or chicken soup where it’s no longer for human stomach to tolerate, barely the nose to smell it but it could still be useful for our dogs or cats.

You can take out the meat from the soup and throw away the rest. You can choose to add some seasoning to make it aromatic and more appetizing to your pets and throw it away into a hot pan or fryer and deep fry the meat until brown and crispy.

Throwaway meat parts

This is common with fish. When you buy a whole fresh fish from piers or caught one on your fishing trip, it still needs to be gutted out. The innards of the fish aren’t something tasty for humans and need to be taken out before actually cooking it for lunch or dinner. Furthermore, we usually pick fish bones out to enjoy a boneless fish meal. Those innards and fish bones often left to be thrown away. However, with some salt and seasoning, you can deep fry those unwanted or throwaway meat parts as it is still a luxury food for your pet. The same goes for chicken, pork and beef bones and innards if you’re cooking a recipe that doesn’t require them or you just plan on throwing away.

However, it’s not that advisable to do this every day. There are some advantages and disadvantages of a DIY pet food.


  • It saves you a lot of money from food spoilage and from throwing away meat parts.
  • Deep frying the food somehow regenerates its credibility and restores its texture to an edible food.
  • It allows you to add some ingredients you want to make a healthy meal for your pets.


  • It may be dangerous for some pets with unknown or yet to be discovered allergies. It’s advised to consult your vet if you plan on making a DIY pet food.
  • The situation doesn’t lead to a healthy and balanced diet for your pet at all times. Deep frying food in order to bring back its edible taste and texture doesn’t really have a lot of healthy ingredients.
  • Your pet might get used to just eating deep fried fish, chicken, pork, beef or any meat rather than just an occasional treat. If so, it would cost you more rather than saving you a lot if they start to get used to eating the type of food.


Regardless you make the best out of the situation to benefit you and your pets. It is always best to seek expert’s opinion or ask your pet’s veterinarian. Either way, it would be handy and useful to keep a stock of foods intended for dogs or the best cat food for your cats as you might not know when they can get a good treat or would want something different.