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Deep Fryer Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Japanese egg roll

Many issues will begin to pop up when a machine like a deep fryer isn’t cleaned or maintained properly. Units like this should be kept clean at all times because we use it to cook our food. If your deep fryer is not cleaned regularly we risk contaminating our food and getting sick from eating […]

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Air Fry or Deep Fry: Which Is Better?

French fries

When you admit that you love to eat a lot of fried food, it can come with a lot of judgment. For many people, fried food is a guilty pleasure they would rather hide in secret instead of letting people know. If you’ve had a conversation with someone who loves fried food, but doesn’t want […]

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Deep Fried DIY Pet Food

Fish frying

Deep frying isn’t just something that would satisfy a human’s cravings. There are so many applications where even with the latest trend in the pet industry, deep frying cat foods or dog foods can come in handy. That’s correct. DIY pet foods are now something most people do. You might think of it as something […]

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