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How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer

Commercial Deep Fryer Cleaning

No one necessarily likes cleaning kitchen supplies, but it can be even more of a hassle to attempt and clean something massive such as a traditional deep fryer. Whether you’ve had it for years or this is your first one, it’s important to know what you’re getting into, not to mention how to best keep […]

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How to Use a Turkey Fryer

whole fried chicken cooked in a pot

You may have heard that deep frying turkeys produces the crispiest skin and the juiciest meat – which is definitely true. If you’re up for trying it out, how to use a turkey fryer, and how to get your turkey from the fridge to the table, via deep frying, is what we are here to […]

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How Long to Deep Fry a Turkey Per Pound

Turkey in a deep fryer

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and that means turkey time. It’s a tradition, it’s a staple, and it tastes absolutely amazing. Turkeys are so delicious that most people will choose to cook one at other times of the year as well, regardless of the occasion. The traditional way of making a turkey is by […]

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Can You Use a Turkey Fryer Indoors?

How to Boil out a deep fryer Turkey Fryer pot with thermometer

Deep frying a turkey produces amazing flavor and juiciness, but that said, where can you use your turkey fryer? Can you use a turkey fryer indoors? The short answer here is no, a real turkey fryer should never be used indoors. Let’s explain why.If You Have a Self-Contained Deep Fryer…Some people will choose to go […]

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How to Fry a Turkey?

Frying a turkey can be done with a whole turkey or a sliced turkey. If you fry turkey slices you can use a shallow level of oil.  However, if you are frying a whole turkey, you will need the deep fry method so each part of the turkey is cooked evenly.  Most turkeys are cooked using […]

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How to Shred Chicken

Shredded chicken is in a lot of the foods we love and eat such as a chicken sandwich, tacos, chicken soup, chicken salad and more. But do you know how to shred chicken? Or at least have an idea of the process? Many meat shops sell shredded chicken but what if you’re making it from scratch? […]

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Deep Fried Kool Aid Balls

frying balls using deep fryer

The first thing you’re going to think of is that, is it even possible? If so, you’re thinking to light or too deep. Deep fried kool aid balls aren’t that hard compared to deep frying water. Of course, it seems understandable to think that way as it is kind of crazy thinking of how one might […]

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Deep Fried Water

guy slicing deep fried ball

With the latest food trend, culinary arts really try to expand its scope and it’s filled with creativity and imagination. Recently, people have been trying to dare different culinary chefs whether or not you can actually cook deep fried water. Sounds funny, isn’t it? However, you actually can. I would say that there’s really no point […]

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