Can I Leave Oil in My Deep Fryer?

oil in deep fryer cooking french fries

Oil is a good meal preparation agent to cook with, especially when you are deep frying your food. There are certain health benefits you can derive from cooking oil in a deep fryer that can benefit you and the whole family.

Some oils carry a long shelf life and even after frying your food with them you can reuse that same oil to fry other foods. However, not all cooking oils can be used days later to fry food with.

Some deep frying cookware does not keep the oil clean to use for refrying purposes.  However, technology has allowed new manufacturing processes to enter the market.  These high tech fryers come with an airtight lid to protect fried oil from dirt particles.  This way, the oil is safe for reuse even weeks later.

Store oil in a cool location

Your frying oil can remain in the deep fryer for a long time without spoiling. If you want to keep it usable however, you have to keep your fryer tightly shut and in a location that is dark and cool.

How long to store cooking oil

How long the oil will remain usable depends on a number of things such as what type of food it was fried in, whether you strained the oil after last using it and the type of oil you used.

Oils that cook meat usually take a quicker time to deteriorate than those that prepare vegetable foods. The longer you fry with the same oil, the more its smoke point will break down.

What happens after reuse?

The more food you fry, the more the oil will become darkened. During the first and onward reuse of the oil, if the food you are frying becomes dark too quickly it is an indication that you should change the oil. Frying foods in unhealthy oil can be unsafe for you.

Which oil is best suitable to store in deep fryer?

Many oils have healthy advantages that can help your body. Many experts however go for peanut oil as the most reliable cooking agent that can add the most health benefits to your body and it also has the ability to deep fry foods better than most other oils on the shelf.

Oil can deep fry food very well because of the level of high heat temperature that it carries. However, just make sure your deep fryer has a working thermostat to measure the level of heat accurately.

How to store your used oil

If you are not careful, your oil can start becoming rancid, even after the first use. To store your oil so that you can use it to fry other foods, you have to seal it tightly and refrigerate it. It is even better if you freeze it to avoid early spoiling.

Once you refrigerate your used oil in a tightly sealed fryer or container, you can continue using it for months. However, you should practice using caution when cooking with refrigerated oil. After being in the fridge for months and you see signs of deterioration, it is best that you throw away the oil.

Filtering your oil is another way to store whatever is left after your frying session is complete. To filter your leftover oil, you can take a piece of cheese cloth and strainer as well as a coffee filter to remove any impurities left after frying.

The filtering and straining will help remove fried particles still left in the oil. When the particles are removed, the oil will stand a better chance of staying good longer and not going bad too quickly.

Some restaurants use commercial oil cleaner to remove fried particles from the oil after each use so they can use it again. These oil cleaners cost in the thousands of dollars, but if you can afford one for the home you can go ahead and buy the product.

How to know if your used cooking oil is bad

Your used oil can become bad at any time without you knowing it. However, there are a number of ways by which you can prove if the oil you are reusing is good enough for another fry or not.

One way to know if the oil is still usable is for you to note its color. If the color seems darker than usual or the oil is showing any other color rather than its golden look then it is an indication that it cannot be used again.

You may still have doubts about how it should look, so it is best for you to check it against a brand new sample that you have not yet used. When you check against the sample and the oil passes the test, you might be able to still get another 3 to 5 uses from it.

The smell of the oil is another indication whether it is good or bad. If the smell is off it is best to throw it away.

Some people check their oil if it still has reuse purposes by placing a shiny looking disk-like object at a rulers end. They then shine a light at 2 inches depth. If the light appears visible to the eyes then they know the oil is still good enough for a few more frying sessions.

Benefits of reusing deep fry oil

One of the benefits of reusing deep fry oil is that it makes it cheaper on your pocketbook. Instead of going out and buying more oil to deep fry your food, you can use the same oil several times over.

You will save time when you reuse your frying oil because you do not have to waste time going to the shop to purchase a full bottle. Instead of wasting precious time going back and forth to the grocery store, you can save time.

Are there Any Deep Fryers I Can Reuse Oil With?

If you don’t want to worry about knowing whether or not the oil in your fryer is still good, you shouldn’t have to. Would you rather your fryer do the work for you?  This deep fryer we found on Amazon has an oil filtration system.  

Question: Can I leave oil in my deep fryer?

Answer: Yes! Oil can be left in your deep fryer but you will have to check it each time you are reusing it see if it has become rancid.

If you are going to leave it in your fryer, make sure to place a tight enough lid over it to help keep its purity. It is however better if you store it in the refrigerator.

The more you protect your oil after each reuse the better it will be able to keep its purity and not spoil. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you not compromise the oil after each frying session by leaving it open to dust particles getting into it.  This way you can use your oil again.

If you succeed in keeping the oil pure after each reuse, your meals will taste just as good as it would if you fried it the first time using a bottle of brand-new cooking oil.


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