Best Electric Deep Fryers 2018: 3 models reviewed

deep frying french fries

Are you planning on buying an electric fryer for your kitchen? Do you love eating fried foods but you feel like you are constantly swallowing oil? If this is the situation, an electric deep fryer is the best solution for the moment.

However, would you be able to pinpoint the best electric deep fryer if it was standing in front of you? With so many options available in the market, everyone can get confused!

Luckily for you, we have done the best shopping survey so that you can cherry pick the best fit at one go, and save time, money and peace of mind.

What to look in an electric deep fryer for your kitchen

Before you start shopping, let’s take a quick view of the desired qualities in a deep fryer.

  • It should be safe; safety should be the first choice
  • It should be space saving a gadget; a good fit for your kitchen counter
  • The fryer should be easy to clean
  • It should be energy efficient
  • Better frying quality is a prerequisite
  • It should work faster
  • It has to be user friendly

When we have decided the features for the bestelectric deep fryer,now we need to check the features available in the existing and viable options, so that your shopping would be a great success.

3 best electric deep fryer reviews: for your easy and smart shopping

We have surveyed market and found three electric deep fryer models for your quick review. These models are highly appraised by consumers.

It is always wise to go for the models that is liked by other shoppers so that you stay safe in terms of output, efficiency, and its easy maintenance.

Gourmia GDF300 Electric Restaurant Deep Fryer with Dual Temperature and Timer Dials

Built for smart kitchen but equipped with professional efficiency, Gourmia GDF300 electric restaurant deep fryer with dual temperature and timer dials is a sure bet for your purchase.

Gourmia GDF300 Compact Electric Restaurant Deep Fryer - 1 Basket - Dual Temperature and Timer Dials - 3L - 12 Cups - 2 ½ Lb Food Capacity - Anti-Odor - 1500W - Stainless Steel - Free E-Recipe Book



  • The deep fryer comes with both single basket and double basket fixtures: it is meant for domestic use but it is fast and big as a commercial restaurant gadget
  • It offers faster cooking – as efficient as professional fryer
  • Due to open wave metal fry basket, oil drips at the end of the food and allows it to get evenly fried
  • The basket can accommodate large food items; there is additional feature of immerse frying
  • The fryer offers 3.17 quart capacity and it can hold 2 ½ lbs. of food
  • The fryer is user friendly, easy to clean, maintain, and adjustable Made of anti-grease fry filter that can eliminate frying odors
  • The model comes with splash proof lid, see-through window for trouble-free monitoring, easy to use timer dials, temperature control regulator, ready indicator and timer light for enhanced safety feature
  • Entirely detachablehigh-quality magnetic power cord and non-skid rubber feet are the added safety features of the smart deep electric fryer

Hamilton Beach (35034) Electric Deep Fryer

Do you want an electric deep fryer with higher size and smart versatility? If yes, Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5-Liter Oil Capacity will pull your immediate attention.You may even fry a whole chicken in this fryer!

Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer, 19 Cups / 4.5 Liters Oil Capacity, Lid with View Window, Professional Grade, 1800 Watts, Stainless Steel (35034)



Completely organized and good looking, this smart fryer is a great addition to your smart kitchen. Take a look at is friendly features too:

  • The model is included in best sellers’ rank, so it is safely assumed that it is well performing
  • The model looks a bit big, but its three baskets are great advantage, as you can fry three different items together
  • Extra-large 12-cup capacity is a great advantage for frying foods for bigger crowd
  • The facility of immerse heating is an added advantage and it helps in faster cooking
  • It comes with adjustable timer and easy to hear audio tone
  • The temperature can be adjusted
  • The fryer comes with see-through window for easy and safe monitoring
  • Ready light, power light, and breakaway cord are the user friendly features that will add better scale of user comfort
  • The electric deep fryer is easy to clean, which is a distinct advantage for its easy maintenance, enhanced durability, and excellent hygienic food habit

Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

Compact, chic, and with cool look,Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer – Black is an obvious choice for your smart kitchen.

Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - Black



This Presto baby is extremely user-friendly, space-friendly and fast-performer. Don’t go just for its cute look and small size – it performs like a pro for its versatile features:

  • Made of stainless steel, which ensures great durability
  • Adjustable thermostat allows easy assortment of the target frying temperature. Handy indicator light offers alert when the oil is hot enough for frying
  • Lock-enabled cover prevents spattering and reduces odors. Extra-large monitoring window lets you check the state of frying without opening the cover
  • Charcoal air filter soaks up all heavy frying odors. External basket handle facilitates in lowering food into the hot oil: the cover closed to prevents the risk of spattering
  • Frying pot is detachableand facilitates quick and easy cleaning

All these three deep fryers are available in a comfortable price range, which is completely affordable. All three models are user-friendly and as per consumer report, quite sturdy in their performance.

Lastly, before selecting the most suitable electric deep fryerfor your kitchen, check the after sales service and warranty features.

Although there is no specific formula for selecting best deep fryer, you need to focus on your cooking style, the quantity of foods you may like to fry at home, or preference for safety features.

The deep fryer that suits all these needs and the available space in the kitchen should be considered as the best electric deep fryer for you.