Bayou Classic 10 Quart Deep Fryer w/ Basket and Cool Touch Handle Review

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Deep fryers are not for everyone, especially people looking to shed some weight. On the other hand, there are others trying to add a few calories and those who love having a bit of well deep fried meal. But as with all kitchen pieces of equipment, there are some deep fryers which are above the budget of fried meal lovers, and that’s the reason we are here.

Buying a deep fryer shouldn’t mean breaking your bank. There are a lot of budget options for lovers of fried foods to choose from which are very affordable. We are going to be looking at a typical example of a reliable deep fryer under $20 which produces crisp, sumptuous deep fried meals in no time.

Bayou Classic 10 Quart Aluminum Fry Pot and Basket

Our preferred deep fryer under $20 is this Bayou Classic deep fryer which has a cool touch handle to prevent burns when bringing down the fryer or when stirring the food.

This Bayou Classic 10 deep fryer is made by Bayou Classic Industries, a well-known name when it comes to producing standard outdoor cooking equipment. Bayou Classic is the name to be reckoned with when you have the need for top quality cast iron cookware, turkey fryers, aluminum stockpots, stainless steel stockpots or other kitchen equipment used both indoors and outdoors.

The Bayou Classic 10 quart deep fryer doesn’t have a lid (which is probably the reason for its under 20usd price tag considering its outstanding features). This classic 10 quart has a pretty ‘classy’ look that compliments any environment it is used in.

Made using a commercial strength aluminum material, this classic 10-quart deep fryer also has heavy-duty riveted handles for support while cooking and easy lifting. The Bayou Classic deep fryer comes in a bundle pack with a basket included. This basket is perfect for making hush puppies, fried chicken wings and laps, French fries, fish and the likes.

The basket itself has a cool-touch handle which makes it easy to use while deep frying. If you want to use the deep fryer for other cooking needs like boiling stews, making soups, sauces, jambalaya, gumbo, low country boils and the likes, then you just remove the embedded basket and get cooking.

This isn’t an electric deep fryer so it can be used both indoors and outdoors on heat providing equipment like a stovetop, a gas burner or a propane burner. Due to its versatility, it’s perfect for all outdoor events/activities, making it a great cooking gear for occasions when you go hunting, tailgating, fishing or camping.


Bayou Classic 10 Quart Aluminum Fry Pot and Basket with Cool Touch Handle


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Features of the Bayou Classic 10 Quart Deep Fryer

  • The Bayou Classic deep fryer measures 12-inches in diameter and 5-inches in height
  • It’s made of commercial strength material
  • It has great riveted handles
  • It comes with a basket which has a cool-touch handle for ease of handling
  • It’s a fitting outdoor kitchen equipment
  • Can serve a large number of guests
  • Can be used both outdoors and inside the house
  • Easy to clean up, although best washed by hands (manual washing)


The Bayou Classic 10 is a great pot set that works as both a deep fryer and a large meal cooker. It’s an appropriate outdoor and indoor equipment that does what it says it would do. If frying is your thing and you have a large number of people to feed, this classic 10-quart deep fryer from reputable cooking equipment manufacturer – Bayou Classic has got you covered.

The Bayou Classic cooker comes well packaged and of course disassembled (but easy to assemble using a screwdriver of sorts). The package includes a 14-quart deep fryer, a basket/strainer, and a handle. The best part of this deep fryer is, of course, the size as it’s deep and wide enough to fry quite a lot of things at a time and takes a little time to get them crisp and tender for consumption.

The cleanup process is usually straightforward as the deep fryer has non-stick material which makes it easy to get the grease off with just a little water and soap.

Overall, the Bayou Classic is a great buy at a remarkable price point. At just under $20, you can’t get better than this.