Are Deep Fryers Healthy?

Onion rings

If being healthy is your top priority, then owning deep fryers may not exactly be your preference as deep fried foods are usually not so healthy. They are delightful and appealing to the taste buds, but the excess oil from these foods make them very unhealthy meals. Moreover, they usually offer little nutritional values when compared with other steam cooked foods. For instance, fried wontons, French fries, candy bars, doughnuts and onion rings contain a smaller amount of nutrients needed by the body.

One key thing to note is deep fryers are used to make fatty foods. If you are concerned about the number of calories you consume and trying to watch your weight, then these foods may be an unhealthy option for you. If you love eating fried foods from restaurants, it's imperative that you remember that most of these restaurants use oils which contain Tran's fat to fry foods.

Asides that, the deep-fried food bought in restaurants are usually coated in batter thus absorbing excessive fats than they normally would which would essentially mean more calories and ultimately more weight.

If you can do away with saturated and Trans fat in your deep fried food, then you have a better chance of fighting off all the health dangers of deep fryers. For instance, the risk of heart disease, and high cholesterol caused by saturated and Tran's fat is minimized. High-fat diets also put you at risk of being obese and getting cancer as many deep fried foods likely contain acrylamide which is a possible carcinogen.

Staying healthy with Deep Fried Foods

For deep fried food fanatics who can’t live without the sumptuous fried dishes, then making them healthy is a must. To achieve this, you can do any of the below to ensure you stay safe while eating your deep fried meals.

Deep fry your meal yourself: Like Michael Pollan says, junk food is okay to eat once you make it yourself. If you plan to stay healthy while eating deep fried foods, you should consider preparing it yourself with your ingredients, keeping away some unnecessary fatty items and enriching it with some good nutrient rich meals too. Deep frying yourself would ensure you keep a tab on the quality of the ingredients you are using.

Make do with precise and accurate temperature: Before you decide to fry, be sure you have a sturdy thermometer which can measure actual temperatures. A good digital thermometer would work just fine. The temperature of your oil would determine to a large extent how healthy your deep fried food would be. For instance, if the oil isn’t as hot as required, the food would soak up too much oil and become greasy, also if the temperature is a little too hot, then it would break down the oil and release a lot of unhealthy elements into the food.

Make use of good cooking/frying oil: The stability of the oil (at higher temperature ranges) is imperative, and this is one way to determine good cooking/frying oil. The smoke point of the oil (the stability range of the oil) would determine if that oil is going to be good for deep frying at higher temperature ranges. The higher oil’s smoke point, the better it is for preparing meals at high-temperature ranges without disintegrating and releasing harmful elements to the food.

Fry healthy meals: You can do without eating a lot of junk, or if you must eat junks, you can also fry healthy dishes to compensate for it. Adding vegetables, meat, and others to the meal can make that fried food a lot healthier and more nutritious.

Take advantage of fresh oil: Consistent use of a particular oil is not okay when it comes to deep frying at high temperatures as the more it is being used, it gets broken down and thus releases harmful radicals to your food. This is another reason why you should fry your foods at home rather than patronize your local joint or fast food eatery. Yes, reusing your oil is cheaper and saves oil but it’s also very harmful. Using fresh oil, on the other hand, is more expensive but healthy, and health they say is wealth.

Overall, deep fryers are healthy to an extent. Having deep fried food with a mix of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, which are low in calories, would balance the diet. While at it, try to keep the fat in the diet to a minimum.