All About Deep Fryers

All About Deep Fryers

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding deep fryers so you can make your best informed decisions.

With air frying being all the rage lately, it’s easy to forget about the classic, deep frying. Deep frying can add tons of flavor to your favorite foods, not to mention, there’s something satisfying about that crispy crunch that you can’t quite get anywhere else. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding deep fryers, from which are best-sellers, to where you can purchase your own. Keep reading for all the details.

Learn All About Deep Fryers

Where To Buy a Deep Fryer?

You can go to pretty much any department store and pick up a deep fryer. Although in this day and age, ordering online is a popular go-to with our busy schedules these days, so opting into Amazon might not be a bad idea.

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How Many Calories Does Deep Frying Add?

According to Healthline, it depends on what food you’re frying. For example, one small baked potato (100 grams) contains 93 calories; but the same amount of French fries contains 319 calories. Another example they use is fish. 100 grams of baked cod clocks in 105 calories; deep fried fish at 232 calories. It’s about 2-3 times more calories on average when deep frying your food.

How Much Does a Deep Fryer Cost?

Anywhere from $19.99-119, depending on the size you choose. For example, a 1 quart fryer will set you back only $20; but a more professional style deep fryer (with baskets and larger space), can set you back over $100.

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What Deep Fryer is the Best?

According to Amazon’s Bestsellers List, currently the #1 deep fryer is by Oster.

What Do People Say About the Top Three Deep Fryers on Amazon?

Based on Amazon reviews, the general consensus surrounding the Oster fryer is that: “even though it’s light, it’s durable,” as well as “even though it’s shorter, it holds a lot of food; more than expected.”

The Presto Deep Fryer is the second highest-ranked deep fryer on Amazon’s list, with reviews saying: “it only requires minimal oil, which is nice” (as oil can be expensive for frying at times; not to mention it’s “easy to use” with simply plugging it in, not a lot of buttons.

The third best-selling deep fryer currently on Amazon is the T-fal Stainless Steel Deep Fryer, which according to reviews is: “a really great fryer that holds a lot of oil and a lot of food.” All the parts are washable, which is a huge plus to people who cook at home a lot.


Don’t forget the tongs to keep your hands safe.

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Which Electric Deep Fryer is Best?

Amazon ranks the Presto Deep Fryer as the top electric deep fryer.

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