How Do Deep Fryers Compare to Air Fryers?

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You may have seen air fryers on an infomercial, or on a TV program. You will definitely want to know how an air fryer vs a deep fryer compares to one another.  And you may have been wondering if you should try out one of the newer appliances on the market; or if you should stick to your classic deep fryer. We have some answers to your most commonly asked questions, including cooking times, calorie counts, and more. Keep reading about the comparisons between deep fryers and air fryers so you can make your best, most informed decision.

air fryer vs deep fryer
Air fryer vs. deep fryer cooking time

For either appliance, it all depends on what kind of food you’re cooking. For air fryers: if you’re making vegetables, the times vary between 5-30 minutes; for meat, it can be anywhere from 12-55 minutes; seafood 4-12 minutes; and frozen foods anywhere from 8-14 minutes. For a traditional deep fryer, anywhere from 3-20 minutes for most meats and fish; for vegetables, it would take 1-2 minutes, according to the USDA.

Air fryer vs. deep fryer calories

Most sources will tell you that yes, air frying is healthier than deep frying. Take French fries for example, if you were to traditionally fry them, they clock in at about 340 calories; air frying takes them down to about 226 calories. If you’re doing chicken, it would be 549 calories with deep frying, and 280 calories with air frying – which comes out to an average of 100 calories saved per each food.

What do people say in reviews about air fryers and deep fryers?

There are pros and cons to both air fryers and deep fryers, and if you ask people, that’s what they’ll most likely tell you. A general consensus on air fryers is that they are healthier, as they use heated air to cook the food; whereas deep fryers use tons of oil to fry the food. Sometimes though, air fryers don’t always produce a thick, crispy crust like traditional fryers do – but for the most part, the foods taste the same as a result of either method.

Which is better: an air fryer or a deep fryer?

An air fryer gives you a healthier alternative to greasier fried foods; but, sometimes there’s nothing that can replace that crispy crunch of a fried chicken wing or a bucket of French fries. If you prefer the usual methods of a deep fryer, then stick with it; but if you are looking for something more healthful, consider looking into an air fryer. There’s no real right or wrong answer: it’s all about preference.

air fryer vs. deep fryer

Can an air fryer replace a deep fryer?

For all intents and purposes, yes, an air fryer can replace a deep fryer, as the it’s not so much the method that is different, but the heat source itself. An air fryer simply uses heated air to cook foods, so you can throw veggies, meats, fish, etc. into the machine and the results will be spectacular.

Do air fryers make food crispy?

Yes, air fryers create a crisp outer layer on the food you place into it, as the heat penetrates it from all sides. It won’t always go as deep as an oil would, but you will essentially get the same result from an air fryer as you would a deep fryer.

Can you air fry without oil?

Yes, you won’t have to use oil with an air fryer, as its namesake states – it uses air to fry the food! Heated air means little to no oil is needed (only use oil if a recipe requires it in a step), therefore your foods with come out healthier and just as yummy.

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Recipe for Air Fryer Chicken Wings (courtesy of Food Network Kitchen):

You’ll need a 3.5-quart air fryer, nonstick cooking spray, 2 lbs. chicken, unsalted butter, hot sauce, and ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping with this recipe.

You’ll spray the basket of your air fryer, then sprinkle the chicken wings with salt. Put the wings into the basket, setting the temp to 360 degrees for 12 minutes. Then you’ll flip the wings, and cook them for another 12 minutes; flip again, increasing the heat to 390; flip once more, and for an extra-crispy outside, cook for an extra 6 minutes. As the wings are finishing up, whisk together melted butter and hot sauce, then once they are done frying up, you’ll simply toss the wings with the sauce. Voila, some delicious air fried chicken wings! Serve with ranch or blue cheese and you’re all set!