Air Fryer vs. Air Fryer Oven

Air Fryer vs. Air Fryer Oven

If you want to make delicious fried foods that come out crispy, golden brown, juicy on the inside, and tasting heavenly, but without all of that excess grease that comes with deep frying, you might want to look into an appliance that can air fry your foods.

Air fryers are special types of fryers which use a combination of hot air circulation and minimal amounts of oil to achieve that same great fried texture and flavor without having to use massive amounts of oil. It’s a much healthier way to fry foods.

That being said, there are different types of air fryers, small air fryers that look more like deep fryers, as well as air fryer ovens, which are more like full-size convection ovens that can also air fry foods.

This is what we are here for today, to compare air fryers vs air fryer ovens, to see what each one brings to the table.

Air Fryers vs Air Fryer Ovens: Similarities and Differences

Let’s compare air fryers and air fryer ovens based on their size, abilities, functionalities, and more. It’s important to know what you are getting into before you decide on any one kitchen appliance.


The first factor that should be taken into account when deciding between an air fryer and an air fryer oven is the capacity, or how much food they can cook at once.

Air fryers tend to be fairly small, usually anywhere between 4 and 8 quarts. They aren’t tiny, but they aren’t huge either.

Normal air fryers are usually ideal for making small chickens, a few burgers, or a bag or two of fries. They tend to be best for cooking full side dishes for larger families and for cooking smaller meals for a few people.

On the other hand, air fryer ovens, full size models, tend to be much larger. Air fryer ovens usually have a much larger capacity and can be used to cook full size meals for whole families.

Therefore, if you need an air fryer for a couple of people, a normal air fryer will do, but if you want to ramp up the output, an air fryer oven is probably the better bet.

Air Fryer vs. Air Fryer Oven

Heating Time and Heat Retention

Another important factor to keep in mind when comparing air fryers to air fryer ovens is how fast they heat up and how well they maintain a specific temperature.

Small air fryers tend to heat up very fast, usually within just a couple of minutes. This is because they are comparatively small, and the smaller a unit like this is, the faster it heats up; air fryers will heat up much faster than air fryer ovens.

However, on the other hand, due to their small size, air fryers do have some problems with staying hot and maintaining a specific temperature once food is added to them. This is not a problem air fryer ovens usually suffer from.

Due to their larger size, air fryer ovens, although they take a while to heat up, due to their comparatively large size, have a much easier time staying hot and maintaining a specific temperature once food is added. Simply put, although they take longer to heat up, they can provide for more even and consistent cooking.

Overall Functionality and Cooking Options

The other main factor that you need to keep in mind when comparing air fryers with air fryer ovens is what they can actually do.

Air fryers tend to be more one-trick ponies; the less expensive models usually only allow for air frying, and air frying only. That said, some top-of-the line air fryers may also be able to grill, roast, bake, and toast foods too. However, air fryers usually only excel at air frying, and other functions tend not to work as well.

On the other hand, air fryer ovens, whether small toaster ovens or full size models, tend to be much more versatile in this regard.

A good air fryer oven, besides air frying alone, also excels at baking, convection baking, roasting, baking, broiling, and more; they are large and more versatile. So, if you need a full-scale and full-size kitchen appliance for all sorts of cooking needs, it’s an air fryer oven that you want to go for.


The bottom line is that both air fryers and air fryer ovens have their advantages and disadvantages, and most of it comes down to size and overall functionality.

If you need a small appliance to air fry some fries and complete some other small tasks, a small air fryer will do the trick, but if you need something larger with more cooking modes and great functionality, it’s the air fryer oven you want to go for.