Air Fry or Deep Fry: Which Is Better?

French fries

When you admit that you love to eat a lot of fried food, it can come with a lot of judgment. For many people, fried food is a guilty pleasure they would rather hide in secret instead of letting people know. If you’ve had a conversation with someone who loves fried food, but doesn’t want to give in to it goodness they have most probably mentioned air frying as an alternative to deep-frying. Upon hearing that, you probably have a lot of questions, like what is an air fryer and is it better than a deep fryer?

Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer: How They Work

When you first see an air fryer, you can easily confuse it with a traditional deep fryer. The two fryers have a similar design, and both give everyday food a layer of crunchy exterior with an overall enhanced taste. However, this is where their similarities end. A deep fryer requires food to be submerged into a tank filled with extremely hot oil to give it that classic and well-loved golden brown layer.

The air fryer, on the other hand, works by using a small amount of oil and then the fryer blasts the food with hot air to give it that crunchy fried texture minus all the oil. Although these two fryers function differently they are both worth discussing; especially if you are planning to add a fryer to your kitchen. Here are some good comparison points you should consider:

Weighing the Features

There are some consumers who look deeply into the different features of a product they are about to buy. Depending on their preference, some prefer a fryer that has a lot of control settings, while others prefer a simpler preset temperature. In the deep fryer vs. air fryer debate regarding their features, both have the generally the same set of features.

These features may include adjustable heat controls, a timer, oil filters, and user-friendly controls. Generally, air fryers with a convenient on and off switch are relatively easier to use in comparison to a deep fryer. Just take note that the more features either a deep fryer or an air fryer have, the more expensive they become.

Cooking Capacity and Unit Size

Two major factors that are weighed when thinking about a deep fryer vs. air fryer purchase is how much you can cook using the unit and how much space it will consume on a kitchen counter. Air fryers are best for smaller kitchens because they are much smaller than deep fryers. Although they are small, they can still make enough air fried side dishes for one to two people.

Meanwhile, a deep fryer is significantly bigger than the air fryer and will require a larger and heat-resistant countertop. The great thing about these large deep fryers is you can fry more in one go compared to an air fryer. Plus, if you get a deep fryer that has more than one basket, you can fry different types of food at the same time, making it less of a hassle.

 Fried End Results

It has been established that a traditional deep fryer requires food to be soaked in a vast amount hot oil to give it that signature crisp and deliciousness we all know and love. This also means that it produces food that is not as healthy as the food made using an air fryer. Meanwhile, an air fryer can make good air fried food without the same level of crispiness found in traditionally fried food. These are two very different frying methods that give equally different results.

Budget Concerns

The good old electric deep fryer is significantly cheaper than the air fryer. This is because it does not use any form of advanced technology to create fried food. All you need is to put enough oil in the tank, heat it up to the correct temperature, and dunk the food to be fried and you are done. Air fryers are more expensive because of the technology it uses to mimic the fried food results.


If you are into the traditional fried food a deep fryer is your frying machine, but if you are health-conscious and you still want to enjoy some form of fried food, the air fryer is for you. Either way, the debate between deep fryer vs. air fryer can only be answered by you.