6 Best Electric Can Openers 2020

The regular usage of canned food calls for superior quality can opener. People with ailments or arthritis should avoid any task that involves labor, but who can think that opening a can also come under tedious task category. In this case, electric openers ease your work and prove to be beneficial. Manual openers are not so effective and can be messy because you may face difficulty in operating them, and that may result in spills.

Electric can openers easily cut the can lid unlike in manual opener where you need to twist a lever. Some electric can openers have stands where you have to place a can, and its cover will cut automatically, and some electric openers can be placed on the lid to do the task. Electric can openers are stylish, slim, and sturdy. You need not work hard to open the can of your favorite food item. Here we have compiled some top picks of electric can openers that will ease your task.  

Buyers Guide

How to use an electric opener?

An electric opener, like the other kitchen accessories, has its importance of doing a particular job. Can openers open the cans, but using them for other purposes will lead to its damage over time.

  • If you use it for cutting the harder materials for which it is not made, the blade may damage, and you will need to spend extra money on buying another one.
  • Also, the mortar will damage, and it will then be unable to cut, and it will stop its functioning after some time.

What are the features to look for while buying an Electric Can Opener?


Space is one of the crucial concerns in the modern kitchen. You may need to devote some storage space for an electric can opener. If you need to use it daily, then know how much space it will take up.

Power supply

Can openers can be plug into the electrical supply or need battery for its operation. The plugin can openers are ready to use always, and you need not hunt for the batteries, whereas battery operated can openers are handy and portable. They are beneficial when the power goes out.

Traditional or side cut

Traditional can openers simply cut the lid inside the rim and leave the metal circle that is helpful when draining the liquid. Sidecut openers unseal the can’s top side, leaving safe and smooth edge lid that can be used further temporarily.


A large and tall can opener can be used for big cans, but it takes more space than standard openers. So, check the dimensions before you make it a part of your kitchen.

How to clean an electronic opener?

Ensure that your electric opener is powered off before you are going to clean it. Wipe it down with a cloth once you use it, and this prevents the sticking of food bits onto its blade or body. 

Also, consider the material your opener is made of so you can clean it blades accordingly. Wiping with the moist cloth can lead to rusting, so you can do it occasionally with the alcohol. Cloth dabbed with any cooking oil can also be used to wipe it down.

Is it fine to have an electric opener will removable and washable parts?

Yes, it is excellent if you have an electric opener with removable, washable parts like blade or others. While buying a kitchen accessory, you should consider its cleaning. The blade of an electric opener gets dirty, depending on the way it cuts. So, it is better to choose the one with a washable blade.

What materials electric openers made?

Electric openers are made with a variety of materials that ranges from stainless steel to plastic. Stainless steel openers are more durable than plastic ones, but there are different colors available in electric openers made of plastic that fit your kitchen design. Openers made of heavy materials have better holding while opening large cans.  So you can choose the one according to your preference.

Product Reviews For Best Electric Can Openers 

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Can Opener –Best deluxe Opener

Cuisinart deluxe opener is a perfect amalgamation of style, convenience, and power. Its unique casing design sets it apart from other electric openers, and the beautiful chrome finish and appealing contours perfectly match every kitchen decor. The opener is taller and narrower. It promises for smooth functioning and boasts of a superior quality motor system.

The power cut blade and the magnetic lid holder connected to the lever ensures easy and quick cleanup. The sharp power cut blade allows easy can opening. It comes with a broad base, so it prevents sliding and tripping. The opener will leave the edges smooth and cut the lid in such a way that you can use to save leftover contents in the can for further use. Cuisinart backed this product with three years warranty.

Key features

  • Power cut blade
  • Stable base
  • Powerful magnet and spurs
  • Quality motor system
  • Automatic stop lever


  • Suitable for all can sizes
  • BPA free
  • Three years warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Single touch operation


  • Produces sharp edges
  • Not very durable

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Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Can Opener-Best value opener

Proctor Silex is a beautiful electric can opener and is ideal for your kitchen. It delivers uninterrupted performance. The sturdy lid holder firmly holds the can, and the sharp blade cuts the lid in a single rotation. Its smooth operation gives the mess-free result and is perfect for people who use canned food items regularly.

The magnetic holder is strong enough that lid itself attaches to it. The Proctor Silex is designed in a way that it fits the cans of different heights. It comes with a storage compartment for a cord that adds to your convenience.  Moreover, along with the can opener, it also comes with a knife sharpener making it a multipurpose tool for your kitchen.

The cleaning of this electric opener is easy because of the detachable cutting lever. Simply wipe it using a damp cloth.

Key features

  • Two in one tool
  • Strong magnetic lid holder
  • Detachable cutting lever
  • Compartment for cord storage


  • Leaves no sharp edges
  • Small in size and lightweight
  • Quick clean up
  • Ideal for opening can of any size
  • Smooth operation


  • Tips over
  • Short power cord

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Hamilton Beach 76380Z-Best quality opener

Hamilton Beach electric opener has an appealing sleek design that is perfect to be a part of your kitchen tools. This is a multi-tasking tool that comes with a detachable metal cutting unit allowing for quick and easy washing. You can clean it in a dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about its cleaning and maintenance. The patented sure cut technology opens can smoothly on the one rotation. The auto shut-off offers hands-free operation. It grabs cans firmly throughout the rotation without any need to hold the lever. The attached knife sharpener adds to the convenience. 

The stout size offers its stability. The features like detachable washing unit, automatic shut-off, sure cut patented technology, and attached knife sharpener makes it one of the best electronic can openers. It will minimize some efforts while you prepare a meal for your family. This multi-tasking tool will make your life easy.

Key features

  • Attached Knife Sharpener
  • Removable blades for cleaning
  • Cord storage option
  • Heavyweight and tall
  • Sure cut patented technology


  • Inbuilt knife sharpener
  • Economical model
  • Backed with one year warranty
  • Open cans in one go


  • Tipping in XL-sized cans
  • Produces sharp edges

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MiToo as show-9897-Best handheld opener


The small-sized MiToo can opener will conveniently fit in your pocket if you want to carry it. This looks like a cute little toy but comes with superior cutting ability. All you need is to push the button, and the MiToo can opener is all set to remove the lid from the can along its sides in one rotation. It leaves a smooth edge so that you can easily handle the box without any risk. Simply place this small can opener on a can and press the button on its top, and you will get the open can with smooth edges in few seconds.

The blade mechanism of this electric can opener sits on the underside and thus protects the fingers during operation. This reduces the chance of accidents, and you can securely complete the task.  The strong magnet of this opener holds the lid firmly, so you need not worry about any mess.

Key features

  • Battery compartment
  • One-touch operation
  • Compact size
  • Strong metal gear


  • Ecofriendly
  • Easy to use
  • Open all cans
  • Hygienic


  • Not BPA free

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Hamilton Beach (76606ZA)-Best Budget Opener

Hamilton Beach can opener is easy to operate and work correctly for all types of cans. They are suitable for cans with pop tops that need side cutting. The electric can opener cuts the sides and offers touchable, smooth lids with the simple touch opening lever. The black color sleek chrome design adds to the beauty of your kitchen countertop.

The motor of this electric can opener is lubricated permanently, so need no oiling. It is one of the best electric openers that are easy to operate. It does not require any additional effort for operation. The side-cutting system offers a smooth edge, so there is no risk of accidents; moreover, it also prevents the blade from food contents of the can, so there is no seepage and spillage. The electric opener has a large ergonomic lever that makes it easy to use for anyone. Its operation needs some grip strength, so you have to hold the lever down until the blade makes the full rotation. The sleek design makes it a classic addition to your kitchen.

Key features

  • Side cutting action offers a smooth lid
  • Touch opening lever
  • Suitable for pop-top and regular cans
  • Sleek and stylish look


  • Removable and washable cutting unit
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • No mess operation
  • Solid, quality built


  • Metal shavings left after cutting

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Black & Decker C0100 Spacemaker-Best overall

Black and Decker can opener are designed beautifully, and it is simple to use. This convenient tool is intended for space-saving, and it has the power to remove lids without any mess.  It not only lifts lid but serves as a knife sharpener and bottle opener too. This multipurpose tool is a powerful cutter that comes with an open swing door for easy accessibility. The automatic shut-off allows hands-free operation.

The sleek look of an electric opener is due to the power cord storage facility. The simple operation makes it a perfect choice for people of all ages. It can be mounted under cabinets and thus saves lots of space in your kitchen.

Key features

  • Hands-free operation
  • Storage space for the power cord
  • Works as a bottle opener and knife sharpener
  • Powerful pierce cutter


  • Space-saving tool
  • Auto shut off
  • Reliable product
  • Easy operation
  • Quickly removes lid


Quite difficult to install

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An electric opener is an essential tool for those who use plenty of canned foods. This tool makes life easy by decreasing the time consumed in opening the can manually. When you plan to buy the one for your kitchen, then focus on its features. It should be easy to use and operate. You should buy the model that offers uninterrupted service.

There are varieties of brands and models of electric openers available in the market, so you must pay attention to your requirements. Here we have discussed some quality electric openers that are long-lasting and backed with a good warranty. They fit perfectly in any kitchen. So you can now choose the model that best meets your needs.