The 5 Best Yescom Deep Fryers

Yescom USA, Inc, which commenced operations by e-retailing smartphone accessories, initiated an e-commerce startup in February 2002. has slowly and steadily built its reputation as a one-stop online superstore offering commercial and domestic appliances for wholesale and retail consumers, including the best Yescom deep fryers. Side by side with providing the best Yescom deep fryers, the company also furnishes unbeatable customer service.

Talking about deep fryers, Yescom chiefly focuses on designing and creating heavy-duty units for large-scale use in fast food joints and restaurants. All Yescom deep fryer models are shaped out of top-grade stainless steel to make them durable and long-lasting. The deep fryers of Yescom not only deliver fried food in high volumes but also maintain the optimum level of flavor and crispness.

The company also makes the most of the state-of-the-art technology for equipping its deep fryers with failsafe safety features rendering them thoroughly safe to use.      

Buying Guide For Purchasing the Best Yescom Deep Fryers

There’s no dearth of gastronomes and epicures who start to drool the moment you broach the delectable range of deep-fried foods. Foodies have a hard time resisting the temptation to step inside the diner when the refreshing aroma of freshly fried chicken drum sticks fills their nostrils. However, epicureans are conversant that regular intake of deep-fried foods could lead to health issues that could prove harmful in the long run.

Nevertheless, gourmands can relish French fries, fried cheese rolls, and chicken rolls if they’re prepared carefully, keeping the health risks in mind. A deep fryer is one versatile appliance that is simply indispensable when it comes to rustling up fried fares that do not feel overly greasy. Though the best Yescom deep fryers are meant for using across restaurants, bistros, cafeterias, food trucks, and mobile kitchens, you can also use the equipment at home.

Before you step out to shop for the best Yescom deep fryer that will perfectly fit in with your cooking needs, keep these aspects in mind:-

The different types and quantities of foods: Capacity or size

The different types of fried food items, as well as the amounts or servings you intend to prepare regularly, will influence the deep fryer size you’ll require. Deep fryers of large-size have large frying compartments or chambers that can hold many liters of cooking oil.

Available countertop space also determines the unit size you need

The open space on the kitchen countertop will also decide whether or not you need a large deep fryer or a compact unit.


There’s always the risk of fire from overcooking or combustion when you’re using a deep fryer. Hence to minimize eventualities of fire hazards, always choose a unit with built-in efficient safety features like auto switch-off, lid with viewing window, and so on.  


You’ll be able to make the most of your deep fryer for a more extended period if you take good care of the appliance. Make sure you clean the different parts regularly so that the unit keeps functioning smoothly. You’ll be better off buying a unit that comes with an inbuilt filtration system, as maintaining the same will be more comfortable.

Cleaning convenience

You’ll need to keep your deep fryer perfectly spic and span if you wish to use it long term. Hence choose a unit that comes with removable components so that you can clean-up every part thoroughly. Also, ensure that your equipment is dishwasher-safe as it may not always be possible for you to clean the parts manually.

Energy consumption

You should be in the know that heavy-duty deep fryers guzzle up electricity just as a high-performance vehicle wolfs down gasoline. You can bet your monthly utility bill will be high enough if you use the deep fryer regularly. Make sure you opt for an energy-efficient unit that consumes minimal electrical energy for frying foods faster and with perfect consistency.

Simply put, buy a deep fryer that has an Energy Star rating.


Warranty is an inconsequential (but quite crucial in hindsight) factor that many shoppers tend to overlook while choosing a unit. The warranty period for deep fryers could range from 6 months to 2 years and above. Selecting a product that offers an extended warranty period implies that you can claim a free replacement if your unit becomes faulty within the warranty window.   


Eventually, the quality of deep fryer you can afford boils down to how much you can invest in a group. It does not need to be emphasized that the superior quality Yescom deep fryers come at a price. The price of a model, by and large, depends on specific factors such as its size, features, and design.

The amount or cost of a model also varies depending upon whether you’re shopping online or purchasing from a physical store. However, bear in mind that price should not be your prime concern or criterion when shopping for a quality deep fryer. Instead, you should see to it that the product offers value for whatever you spend on it.

Reviewing the Best Yescon Deep Fryers

Yescom Commercial Professional Electric 11.7L Deep Fryer

Go for the Yescom Commercial Professional Electric 11.7L Deep Fryer if you want to increase footfall in your snacks bar. This professional 11.7L electric deep fryer has been exclusively designed for extensive use in food trucks, fast-food counters, and restaurants. The 11.7L electric deep fryer comes in perfectly handy for preparing multiple servings of French fries, Buffalo wings, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno peppers, and so on.   

This heavy-duty Yescom deep fryer heats a large quantity of oil well in minutes for evenly cooking a range of raw and semi-processed food items. The entire unit is made of premium quality stainless steel, which ensures a long-term functional life. The hardwearing faucet-styled copper drain provides a smooth and effortless release of cooking oil.

A sturdy lid completely covers the oil compartment, which prevents scalding oil from splattering or splashing out.   


  • 60-minute timer for regulating the cooking time
  • Inching switch cuts off power supply automatically if the deep fryer head is removed
  • Cool-touch handle on stainless steel meshed basket and lid for safe handling
  • Turning fryer head for ease of cleaning
  • Thermostat for precise setting of frying temperature


  • The cleaning process would have been easier had the tub been detachable
  • Many customers have reported having issues with the thermostat, timer, and power switch

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Yescom 2500W 6L Commercial Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

The Yescom 2500W 6L Commercial Electric Countertop Deep Fryer boasts of a range of versatile features, rendering the unit perfect for commercial eateries. The 2500W rated heavy-duty heating element heats up oil uniformly in a short period for frying a variety of items in bulk. The adjustable thermostat enables you to set the temperature at a minimum of 60°C and up to 200°C.

The stainless steel U-shaped heating tube ensures consistent distribution of heat throughout the oil. There are separate light indicators that light up when the unit is switched on, and when the oil attains the preset temperature. A residue stainless steel plate with prominent portholes for sieving out the burnt crumbs and oily dregs has been included. 


  • Solid stainless steel body makes the entire unit durable and enduring
  • Adjustable thermostat for precise temperature setting
  • Robust lid and fryer basket have built-in cool-touch grips to check scalding and blistering
  • The lid prevents the boiling oil from splattering out and causing blisters
  • Stainless steel plate with concentric apertures for removing sediments and debris
  • The tub can be removed for draining oil and cleaning


  • The sharp edges of the fryer could cause injuries if the user is not cautious
  • Build quality not up to the mark

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Yescom 12L 5000W Deep Fryer

The 12L 5000W Deep Fryer by Yescom is a high-capacity and incredibly safe piece of equipment ideal for use in large diners and restaurants. This deep fryer comes equipped with a host of useful features that makes the unit an asset for any commercial kitchen or cafeteria. For a start, the unit has been carved out of stainless steel that adds to its durability and sturdiness.

The 5000W deep fryer comes with two frying chambers or tanks, each having a capacity of 6L. Hence you can fry a large volume of different food items in a short period using both the tanks simultaneously. This unit has a preassembled intuitive thermostat that allows you to set the temperature in a 60°C-200°C range.

You can take out the removable tub for transferring the oil and cleaning it conveniently. Both the tanks have their respective lid that checks boiling oil from spattering all around, which could lead to scalds. The stainless steel residue plates have apertures that help filter out burnt sediments and residues.  


  • Two large frying tanks for cooking a large number of foods at one go
  • Adjustable thermostat for accurate setting of temperature
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Detachable tub for easy draining of oil and cleaning
  • Separate ‘power’ and ‘hot’ lights


  • The basket handles and knobs are somewhat fragile
  • Frying tanks or compartments take sufficient time for recovering temperature

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Commercial Electric 23.4L Deep Fryer by Yescom

The Commercial Electric 23.4L Deep Fryer is another top quality product from the house of Yescom, created for use across supermarkets, snack bars, and fast food joints. Both the framework and the heating tube have been manufactured from stainless steel, which guarantees an extended lifespan. Faucet-style drain taps constructed from copper ensure quick and smooth draining of cooking oil or edible oil.

Dual frying chambers, each having an 11.7L capacity (23.4L in total), implies that you can fry a large number of food items or items. Lids covering the frying tanks prevent the hot oil from splashing or squirting out while you’re preparing a dish. The temperature limiter automatically cuts off the electric supply to the fryer when the oil becomes overly hot, and the temperature controller becomes faulty.  


  • On/off switch with indicator lights for managing the frying procedure
  • 60-minute timer for regulating and monitoring frying time
  • Revolving fryer head for comfortable cleaning
  • Hardy stainless steel construction for extended functional life
  • Faucet-type taps constructed from copper help release cooking oil for reuse


  • A good number of customers have complained that the unit is poorly constructed
  • Cool-touch handles and grips made from plastic are flimsy

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Yescom 20L 5000W Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

The Yescom 20L 5000W Electric Countertop Deep Fryer sports a range of practical features that makes this unit appropriate for domestic and commercial use. The 20L tank can hold 10 liters of oil for frying shrimps, lobsters, French fries, cheese rolls, egg, and chicken rolls, and onion rings, and several other fried foods.

The unit has a robust foot embedded on all the four bottom corners for firm placement on the countertop. The stainless steel basket has a stay-cool handle for a safe grip and also has two hooks for stable hanging. The reset button switches off the deep fryer automatically when the temperature controller ceases to function. The temperature exceeds the preset point.      


  • Lid cover to avert frying oil from spraying
  • Thermostats for the appropriate setting of temperature depending upon the food item
  • U-styled heating tube for consistent and uniform dispersion of heat
  • Plugs and power cords are UL (Underwriter Laboratories, USA)-listed ensuring that the unit is safe to use
  • Residue plates filter out dregs and debris


  • Pointed edges could easily hurt or injure the user if he or she is not careful
  • The knobs and handles are of inferior quality

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So there you have it: the 5 Best Yescom Deep Fryers. All the five deep fryer models that were reviewed were found to meet the criteria for being labeled as ‘commercial deep fryer.’ The most noticeable that distinguished or differentiated one model from another was the size. So, large restaurants, snack bars, and fast food joints that experienced a high footfall regularly could opt for the 20L or 23.4L deep fryer models.

Alternatively, food trucks and cafeterias that witnessed a limited number of customers could choose the 6L, 11.7L, or 12L Yescom commercial deep fryers.