5 Best Waring Deep Fryers

Waring is one of the most reputed manufacturers of kitchen appliances for laboratory and food processing industries and also for home. The company renowned worldwide for launching the first blender in the US about eighty years ago offers performance-oriented blenders and food processors, and some of the best Waring deep fryers. Waring Commercial with a manufacturing proficiency stretching back more than seventy-five years also provides other commercial and domestic kitchen appliances.

Over the years, Waring has built and cemented its reputation as a specialist manufacturer of premium quality deep fryers. The best Waring deep fryers are shaped out of industrial grade stainless steel rendering them sturdy and also easy to maintain. Additionally, most of the deep fryer models of Waring are dishwasher-safe, and the components can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

You can bet that when you’re buying a Waring deep fryer, you’re choosing a high quality product that’ll stay in service for years.

Buying Guide For Purchasing the Best Waring Deep Fryers

While shopping for a quality Waring deep fryer, you’ll come across a wide variety of models, every one having its distinctive features. How’ll you choose from the best Waring deep fryers that perfectly fit in with your cooking needs and preferences? Make the most of this buying guide to understand the key aspects you need to consider for making the selection process simpler:-

Handy features

The topnotch Waring deep fryer models have some exclusive and useful features that make it easy for you to cook a variety of dishes. Some of these features include efficient filtration system, thermostat, cool-touch lids or handles and exterior, magnetic break-off power cord, oil change indicator, and so on. The more the features the deep fryer model has, the more the handy it will be.

Heating time

It takes some time for a deep fryer to heat the cooking oil. The higher the wattage rating of a deep fryer, the faster it will heat the oil. The best Waring deep fryers have a power rating ranging from 1800W-2200W. First, the deep fryer will reach an ideal temperature for frying and, after that, revert to your preset temperature.

Ease of cleaning and use

Make sure you choose a model that comes with detachable components so that you can clean-up the unit easily. Almost all Waring deep fryer models have parts that are dishwasher-compatible. On the other hand, you should consider the aspect of convenient use. That said, opt for a unit reinforced with an advanced filtration system that sieves the oil after use, removes the burnt crumbs, and transfers or drains the oil into a detachable container.   

 Applications or uses

How you intend to use the deep fryer should be your first and foremost concern while selecting a model. Do you want your deep fryer to cook French fries or fish and chips for a small group of people, or do you intend to rustle up meals to serve 10-15 individuals? The amount of cooking oil a unit’s frying chamber can hold and the quantity of food it can fry determines its size.

The different applications you want a deep fryer to put to will influence your choice. If you wish to rustle up a tasty variety of dishes, you’ll need to buy a deep fryer with a capacious frying compartment.


Do you want to fry bottomless multiple servings of chicken wings or fried mozzarella sticks or wish to rustle up a bagful of French fries for your small family?  The capacity or size of a particular model will be mentioned on the label as well as in the user manual. Sometimes, you’ll see that the size is indicated or specified in terms of cup size- “4-cup fryer” 6-cup-fryer” and so on. Read the fine print on the product label and also the user manual to get a fair idea of the quantity of a specific item the product can cook at one go.

If you are still unable to make up your mind on the size of the deep fryer you should go for, consult the salesperson.


It does not need to be emphasized that safety should be your primary concern when you’re planning to buy a Waring deep fryer. Of all the different cooking methods and techniques, deep frying has a high likelihood of being susceptible to causing the fire if you do not exercise caution. At the same time, frying turkey, beignet, onion rings, chicken wings, and cream cheese wonton, your kitchen could catch fire from combustion.

And since fire spreads fast, your entire house may be on fire in no time. Hence to be on the safe side, you should select an electric deep fryer that has built-in safety features such as a magnetic break-away power cord. A break-off cord automatically cuts off the power supply to the unit if you accidentally bump or trip on the cord.

Another vital safety feature you should look for is the automatic shutoff mechanism that switches off the unit the moment the oil becomes unusually hot.

Waring DF250B 1800W Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless Steel

The Waring DF250B Brushed Stainless Steel Deep Fryer comes with a built-in 1800W immersion heating element for speeding up oil heating and a quick recovery timeframe. The DF250B Deep Fryer can cook 1.5lbs-2lbs of mouthwatering foods quickly with the right level of crispiness and flavor.

This deep fryer from Waring is capable of dishing out restaurant-style chicken wings, tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas minus the greasiness. All you need to do is to fill up the hardwearing meshed container with ingredients and place the basket in the 1-gallon frying compartment containing sizzling oil. You can keep an eye on the frying process through the viewing receptacle or window.

The domed-shaped lid effectively captures and channels the developing condensation, thereby minimizing the splattering of oil or food particles. The DF250B Waring Deep Fryer is one of the safest units you can use as it includes an extended breakaway power cord, intuitive interlock system, and overload (auto-shutoff) protection.    


  • Comes with active safety features: very safe to use
  • A 30-minute timer ensures your meals are fried perfectly
  • Easy to clean: detachable, dishwasher-safe components
  • Cool-touch foldable handle and side grips
  • Vaulted lid that catches and drives away condensation


  • Many customers have reported that the quality of this model is not as good as it used to be
  • The metallic vent filters on the deep fryer are missing which increases chances of oil splattering/splashing

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Waring WDF75 8.5 Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

The WDF75 8.5lb Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer is ideal for small families looking to prepare and savor restaurant-style fried foods at home. As the WDF75 is a mini deep fryer with dimensions of 14 x 10.2 x 11.08 inches, the unit will take up minimal space on your kitchen countertop. Hence dealing with this deep fryer is quite effortless while you’re rustling up French fries or fish and chips.

The deep fryer’s receptive control panel allows you to modify and increase the temperature up to 375°F. On the other hand, the heavy-duty 1500W immersion-type heating element not only heats oil very rapidly but also helps adjust the temperature to your requirement. This 8.5lb countertop deep fryer can fry up to1-2/7lbs of food, and you just need to raise the meshed frying basket to drain the oil and transfer the food.


  • Ergonomically designed compact deep fryer occupies minimal space
  • Intuitive control panel for adjusting the temperature of cooking oil
  • ‘Ready to fry’ and ‘power’ indicators
  • Stay-cool side grips, basket, and lid
  • 2-quart enamel-coated frying chamber with a discharge spout for secure handling


  • Does not come with a built-in filtration system
  • Small feet on the underside of the fryer are prone to coming off

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Waring Pro DF280 Deep Fryer

If you’re looking to cook restaurant-quality fried cheese, French fries, and chicken wings without making the foods overly greasy, then go for the Waring Pro DF280 Deep Fryer. This deep fryer has been constructed from premium quality of industrial brushed steel, which makes the unit incredibly durable and resilient. At the same time, the group comes preinstalled with cool-touch grips and side handles that allow you to hold the appliance safely.

The Pro DF280 also features a built-in detachable 1800W immersion heating element that comes in perfectly handy for frying up to three distinct foods simultaneously. The frying chamber has a 1-gallon capacity, thereby offering sufficient space to heat oil for preparing 2.3lbs of foods. You can transfer and store the fried items in two small and one large mesh baskets.


  • Entire fryer has been shaped out of brushed stainless steel which makes the unit extremely durable
  • Detachable 1800W immersion heating element can be removed for cleaning
  • Temperature control functionality along with a 60-minute electronic timer
  • Three meshed baskets with stay-cool collapsible grips for the firm and safe clutching
  • 1-gallon separable steel oil compartment with pouring spigot   


  • Absence of an oil filtration system implies that you may not be able to reuse the oil
  • The aluminum casing is very flimsy
  • Red and blue LED indicators lights may not be visible when cooking in daylight

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Waring Pro WPF150PC Professional Deep Fryer 

The Pro WPF 150PC Professional Deep Fryer is one of the sturdiest deep fryers manufactured by Waring Corporation. The body of this deep fryer is safely housed in a brushed stainless steel casing. This keeps the unit functioning efficiently for years on end. The unit has cool-touch side grips, and stay-cool handles permanently attached to the top lid and detachable basket.

Robust feet on all the four terms of the deep fryer enable you to install the uniteasily. The domed lid has vents or opening on the top that promote air circulation inside the frying chamber by allowing the wafting smoke to escape. The USP of the Pro WPF150PC Professional Deep Fryer is its 1800W immersion-style heating element, which heats oil very quickly.

You can rustle up beignets, chicken wings, onion rings, and French fries in a jiffy.      


  • Easy to clean: lid, oil chamber, and the removable basket is compatible for placing in a dishwasher
  • Compact deep frying unit takes up very little countertop space for frying 24.7 ounces (about 700g) of food
  • Heavy-duty 1800W immersion heating element heats oil rapidly for speedier frying
  • Made from the best grade of stainless steel: Extended functional life
  • Stay-cool handles and side grips for safe handling


  • May not be able to reuse the oil, especially if you’re frying chicken wings or doughnuts
  • Basket handle does not collapse or fold (somewhat detaches): so the unit could take up additional storage space

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Waring Commercial WDF1000D Heavy Duty Double Electric Deep Fryer 

The WDF1000D Heavy Duty Double Electric Deep Fryer is ideal for restaurants, bistros, and mobile catering establishments. At the same time, this two-in-one electric deep fryer is also perfect for families that organize get-togethers and parties regularly. The Waring Commercial WDF1000D boasts of a solid stainless steel tank that can be effortlessly detached and removed for cleaning.

The 1800W hinged heating element can heat oil and fry a wide range of items in a short period. The frying compartment can hold up to 10 pounds of oil. It can also fry up to 2.5 pounds of potato slivers or cheese sticks at a go. The manufacturer supplies two stainless steel big single baskets. The come along four twin baskets with this deep fryer model for storing freshly fried items.       


  • Two-in-one deep fryer cooks a variety of fried delicacies for large groups
  • Adjustable temperature control up to 390°F
  • 30-minute timer
  • Comes with two large single tubs and four twin tubs and two-night covers
  • 1800W hinged heating element


  • No protective lid or cover for keeping the hot oil from splashing around
  • Does not come with an efficient filtration system; so the oil cannot be reused on certain occasions

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Choosing the five best Waring deep fryers was not much of a problem as the company produces limited models.  All the models DF250B to the commercial WDF1000D two-in-one deep fryer met all the criteria of a quality deep fryer. While the first four models are apt for use at home, the heavy-duty WDF1000D is ideal for commercial establishments.