5 Best Propane Deep Fryers

Deep fryers have been gaining popularity due to the increase in fast food chains across the world. Moreover, now people prefer to buy deep fryers for their personal use as well. Here is a list of the 5 best propane deep fryers 2020. Deep fryers may be of several types depending on their specialty and the type of fuel they use. As the name suggests, a propane deep fryer works on propane. Other types of deep fryers include gas and electricity-powered deep fryers.

What to look for in a propane deep fryer?

There are certain considerations that you must keep in mind while buying a propane deep fryer, they are as follows:-

A good set of safety features-

Deep frying is a task that may expose you to many dangers. It involves the use of flame, high temperature, large quantities of hot oil, etc. These may pose as possible threats to you or anyone close to you while you use the deep fryer. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a deep fryer that has certain safety features like an automatic shut-off timer, heat resistant handles, etc.

Good quality products-

Remember that a deep fryer is a long term investment, you should not have to spend too much, too soon, on its repair and maintenance. Thus, you should buy units that are made of good quality material and have a long service life. Durable materials that are easy to clean and offer heavy-duty performance are ideal for propane deep fryers.

Cooking capacity-

This consideration varies from person to person. If you are buying the fryer for commercial use it should have a larger cooking capacity, but in case of domestic use, you may choose to buy a fryer that has a lesser cooking capacity. However, you need to remember that the capacity of the propane deep fryer is directly related to its size, so you must have adequate space to store a large capacity deep fryer.   

Check the BTU ratings-

The BTU ratings of the burners will help you to understand how fast or effectively the propane deep fryer will cook the food. It is especially useful to check this in the fryer if you need to cook large batches of food, quickly. 

Benefits of using a Propane Deep Fryer:

Following are some of the benefits of using a propane deep fryer-

Outdoor cooking-

In the case of an electric or gas-powered deep fryer, you may have to spend some money on a special lining to use the equipment. However, this is not the case with a propane deep fryer. You can set up the unit without any hassle in your backyard or on your deck, without making any other preparations.

Faster cooking-

Deep frying is a much faster method of cooking than others like- roasting, baking, etc. Thus, using a propane deep fryer helps you to cook your meals faster than other ways of cooking. This feature is especially desirable in case you are using the deep fryer for a commercial purpose where you need to cater to diners without any delay.

The fryer is not underpowered-

Propane fryers usually have a rating of 30,000 BTUs and above for the burners. This shows that the fryer heats up efficiently and is well powered to cook meals faster. It also means that the power is used judiciously to give the best results. In the case of electric-powered fryers, the unit may not work to its maximum potential as a result of being underpowered. Thus, the food may require a longer cooking time because the unit is not hooked to a propane tank, unlike a propane deep fryer.

Not messy-

A propane deep fryer is commonly used for cooking outdoor. The unit is usually larger than other varieties of deep fryers, thus making it difficult to be used in a kitchen. Moreover, using such an appliance in the kitchen may pose a threat to your safety as it involves the use of large quantities of hot oil. Hence, the outdoor use of the propane fryer ensures that you do not have to clean up any mess in your kitchen.

Opting for Fryers with larger capacities-

A propane fryer is used for outdoor cooking. This means that if you are planning to buy a propane fryer, you must be having outdoor space at your disposal. In this case, you can opt to buy a fryer with a larger capacity than normal. Large capacity fryers will have a larger size, but they can be stored easily if you have enough outdoor space.

On the other hand, opting for large capacity electric fryers is not possible unless you have enough space inside your house to store the appliance.

Odor-free use-

Most people complain of different kinds of odor that they get while using any deep fryer. In some cases, there might be a chemical smell, while in others the users may complain of the smell of the oil. However, when you use a propane fryer, you will use it outdoor. Hence, you can use the fryer without worrying about the smell it might leave in your house after cooking.

Multiple uses-

You can use the fryer for other purposes like- boiling and other ways of cooking. There are many new features added to propane deep fryers that allow them to offer multiple uses of the same fryer.


The fact that you have to use the propane fryers outdoor makes it a safer option in comparison to other fryers. As per Government regulations, it is advisable to use the deep fryer outdoors because grease fires are capable of causing fire hazards, especially in closed spaces like your house or kitchen.

Prevents the house from heating up-

There may be instances when you may have to cook large batches of food using your deep fryer. This may lead to your house getting heated up if you are cooking indoors. In the case of propane deep fryers, the cooking is done in an open space outdoor, which prevents the house from heating up.

5 Best Propane Deep Fryers 2020

King Kooker 1265BF3 Portable Best Propane Deep Fryer 2020

This propane deep fryer by King Kooker comes with a Boiling Package, 2 Aluminum Pots, and a promise of heavy-duty performance. The outdoor propane deep fryer has a 33000 BTUs cast burner and a 29qt aluminum turkey pot. To prevent splashing and spilling of oil while cooking, there is a lid as well.

You will be able to handle and cook a turkey to perfection, using the turkey rack and lifting hook that are included with the unit. The heat resistant handles provided with the cooking pot help to prevent burns on your hands while cooking.

 Key features:

  • The cooker is welded and allows heavy-duty performance
  • cast burner with 33,000 BTU
  • basket and lid included with pot made of  29-qt aluminum
  • Turkey rack
  • hook to lift the turkey
  • fry pan made of 11-qt aluminum
  • handles are heat resistant
  • fry basket
  • Propane tank regulator
  • auto shut off timer included with Gas hose
  • Thermometer


  • Durable
  • Efficient heating
  • Turkey rack and lifting hook make it easy to cook a turkey
  • A thermometer helps to monitor the cooking temperature
  • Easy handling with heat resistant handles


  • Timer built into the regulator turns off automatically
  • cooking at very high temperature may damage parts

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King Kooker 1618 Best Propane Deep Fryer 2020

The 1618 model from King Kooker is a good option for those who want a deep fryer to fry finger food instead of using it to deep fry turkey, only. It can prepare about 10lbs of food at a time. It has a 16’’ welded steel frame along with a heavy-duty aluminum pan. Keeping safe handling in mind, the product is designed with heat resistant handles to prevent mishaps. There is a thermometer that is included with the product. The thermometer helps to monitor the temperature at which the food is cooked. Using the thermometer while cooking ensures that the food is not overcooked or undercooked.

Key features:

  • welded steel frame measuring 16” that has been welded
  • pan made of aluminum which allows Heavy-duty performance
  • double frying baskets with handles that resist heat
  • 54,000-BTU cast burner
  • cast burner with CSA-certification
  • Regulator  
  • type 1 connector and hose
  • the unit includes a thermometer for Deep-frying


  • Made with heavy-duty material
  • Durable
  • Efficient heating through 54000 BTUs cast burner
  • Thermometer to monitor cooking temperature
  • Regulator with type 1 Connecting hose


  • Smaller than picture
  • Messy with the oil

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Bayou Classic 4-Gallon 700-701 Best Propane Deep Fryer 2020

The Bayou Classic 4-gallon propane fryer is a large capacity unit. It may be ideal for you if you want to purchase a fryer for commercial purposes. The unit is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to clean. Unlike other fryers, you don’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning the grime and dirt from it as stainless steel is easy to clean. The fryer has a v-bottom design that does not allow the oil to stagnate and collect the residue from the food that has been fried.  This unit too comes with a temperature gauge to aid in effective cooking.

Key Features:

  • Stand-alone type deep fryer unit
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • V-bottom design
  • Double frying baskets made of stainless steel  
  • heat-resistant handles
  • Equipped with a drain valve  
  • temperature gauge
  • regulator kit of 10-PSI


  • Good quality built – Stainless steel construction
  • V-bottom design aids in the effective heating and prevents fry residue from remain in the oil
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Temperature gauge helps to monitor the cooking temperature to give the best taste for the food


  • The control valve is near to the tank rather than the burner making it difficult to access
  • The igniter is not mounted and has to be procured separately

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Oil-Less Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Best Propane Fryer 2020

For all those health-conscious people who still want to enjoy their deep-fried turkey, Char-broil TRU-Infrared propane fryer is what you need to get. This unit works on a unique TRU-Infrared technique that deep-fries the turkey without using the amount of oil that you may be used to. It uses infrared heat instead of oiling to deep fry your food. Hence, you can enjoy the same taste without consuming fats and calories. Further, the unit is priced reasonably for the features that it consists of, thus making it a good purchase with great value for money, for you.

Key Features:

  • propane turkey fryer that does not use oil
  • cooking technology used is Patent infrared
  • can cook 16-lb of food
  • 16,000 BTU burner
  • Cooking basket
  • Turkey lifter
  • Includes a thermometer to check the meat while cooking
  • grease tray that can be removed
  • Optional accessories available for separate purchase


  • A healthy alternative for fried food
  • Sufficient cooking capacity
  • Efficient heating
  • Turkey lifter helps to handle the food with ease
  • Meat thermometer helps to monitor the cooking temperature
  • Removable grease tray allows easy cleaning


  • Short propane hose
  • You may have to purchase additional tools to use the fryer for other purposes

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Kitchener Triple Basket Best Propane Deep Fryer 2020

As the name suggests, Kitchener Triple basket propane deep fryer offers you three frying baskets. This means that you can use the three baskets to serve large quantities of food. Apart from that, it also gives you the option of frying three different food items at the same time. This feature makes the triple fryer a good choice if you are planning to entertain people for a house party or even for a commercial purpose.  It can prepare 18 lbs of food at a time.

Key Features:

  • The deep fryer has three baskets
  • 2 high-pressure cast burners
  • 40,000 BTU LP burners made of cast iron
  • 3 frying baskets made of stainless steel material
  • 18-lb cooking capacity
  • Includes steel wire accessories holder that can be removed
  • hose and regulator are CSA listed


  • Large capacity
  • Allows you to cook a variety of food at the same time
  • Removable steel wire accessories make it easy to clean
  • Stainless steel frying baskets are durable and easy to clean
  • Quality certified hose and regulator


  • Hard to control oil temperature on windy days
  • Burners may not be very durable

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The above list includes products that cater to a diverse range of requirements for propane deep fryers depending on capacity, features, and other considerations. The triple basket deep fryer by Kitchener is a good buy for you irrespective of whether you want to use the unit for domestic or commercial purposes. If you are health conscious, then you can opt for the Char-broil propane deep fryer with its infrared technology that allows you to fry food without using oil. However, in general, you should buy propane fryers that have stainless steel built and come with a thermometer.