5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

As the name suggests, outdoor pizza ovens are those pizza ovens that are built for outdoor use. They are ideal for you if you wish to get the authentic flavors of a home-made pizza. We have tried to list down the 5 best outdoor pizza ovens that you can purchase. 

Like all other commodities, there are a variety of outdoor pizza ovens that vary based on their features, size, desired results, fuel requirement, power consumption, etc. You need to check the features and figure out which pizza oven is best suited for your preference.    

Types of Pizza Ovens Available in the market

1. Stationary Pizza Ovens for the Home

These pizza ovens are large in size and permanent addition to your home. They refer to a brick pizza oven that cannot be moved. Some people build the entire oven on their own, while others buy a premade oven and build the base of the oven, themselves. The primary and most important feature of this type of pizza oven is that it is large.

People opting for this type of pizza oven must have a considerable amount of space left at their disposal because the stationary pizza oven is a permanent construction. However, the large size also has the advantage of cooking large quantities of pizza and other oven cooked food at a time.     

2. Mobile Pizza Ovens for the Home

The mobile pizza ovens are made of metal. They could run on any type of fuel, such as wood, gas, etc. Use of convection motors is possible in case of such pizza ovens, to help rotate the pizza stone for even cooking. Moreover, this oven is portable as opposed to the stationary brick-made outdoor pizza ovens.

However, you may still be faced with the dilemma of what type of pizza oven you should choose, based on the fuel requirement. There are two possible types that you could opt for – the wood-burning oven or the gas-fuelled oven. The wood-burning oven requires more supervision but gives the authentic smoky flavor to the pizza. On the other hand, the gas-fuelled pizza oven can be switched on or off as per your requirements and you can control the cooking temperature as well. 

3. Pizza Ovens for a Mobile Business

Apart from cooking pizza at home, some people may also want to invest in a pizza oven to use it for commercial purposes and sell the pizza to customers. In such cases, you should opt for a mobile pizza oven rather than a brick-built oven or a large unit. The oven will be easy to move and will not take up space unnecessarily. Another important consideration to keep in mind is the type of fuel to be used to run the pizza oven.

If you are buying the oven for commercial use, you should opt for a model that works on wood fire rather than gas. Woodfire helps to get the authentic smoky flavors that are not found in the pizza made in a gas-fuelled oven, and they are better suited to cooking a large number of pizzas at a time.    

4. Barbecue Conversion Pizza Ovens

In present times one of the most serious problems that most people face is a shortage of space. A rapid increase in population around the globe has caused an increase in rampant urbanization, as a result, people often complain of smaller houses with limited space. Thus, individuals have to think twice before purchasing any commodity or appliance and consider whether it is worth the space that it will be taking up, permanently in their house.

This shortage of space has also led people to invest in multipurpose appliances or make multiple uses of whatever they already have. One such example is the barbeque conversion pizza ovens. It refers to a modification of the already available barbeque in an individual’s house, with the help of certain tools and attachments, to convert it into a pizza oven. 

5. Camping Pizza Ovens

Many people are fond of outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and tailgating. These outdoor activities often mean living in difficult conditions and making the most of whatever you have. However, this should not be an excuse for you to not be able to enjoy your pizza. Camping pizza ovens are built and designed to make them portable and easy to carry for your adventurous outings.

5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Bertello Napoli Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

You may be confused about what type of fuel you should opt for while buying an outdoor pizza oven as each of the alternative fuel options have their advantages and disadvantages. The outdoor pizza oven by Bertello is designed to rid you of this problem of choosing the fuel use.

The design of the Napoli outdoor pizza oven allows you to use your fuel source, so you can choose to use – wood, gas, charcoal or pellets, as per your convenience. The unit is lightweight which makes it easy to carry and its foldable legs and carry handle add to its portability.  

Key Features:

  • The unit is designed to work on any fuel of the users’ choice – wood, charcoal, gas, pellets, etc.
  • Can cook at temperatures up to 930 degrees Fahrenheit or 500 degrees Celsius
  • Dimension for cooking surface: width 12.5’’, depth 13.5’’
  • The unit includes cordierite stone, a tray for pellets, charcoal or wood chips and a scoop to handle pellets or wood chips


  • Good quality
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Sharp design
  • Cooks evenly


  • Flames are too close to the back of the stone
  • Requires continuous

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Ooni Koda Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

This award-winning outdoor pizza oven by Ooni has won credit for its innovative design and progressive technology. It is a good option for you if you are not very handy with tools as it needs minimal assembly. It cooks evenly and fast by reaching up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to its cordierite stone. This oven also has an adjustable dial that helps you to control the cooking temperature.

It runs only on gas and the built-in gas ignition helps you light the flames instantly. The unit weighs only 20.4 pounds which makes it light and portable despite having a whole load of impressive features.    

Key features:

  • Weighs only 20.4 pounds
  • Gas fuelled pizza oven
  • Portable
  • Built-in gas ignition
  • Insulated steel shell ensures optimum heat retention
  • Adjustable dial helps to control and regulate cooking temperature


  • Collapsible legs ensure portability
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Optimum heat retention allows faster cooking
  • User can control cooking temperature
  • Can be used to roast vegetables, meat and fish as well


  • Not light enough
  • overpriced

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Camp Chef Italia Artisan Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Italia Artisan outdoor pizza oven by Camp Chef is a stainless steel unit that boasts of reliability and durability. The unit runs on gas and has a double-walled oven. It weighs about 47 lbs and cooks great tasting pizza. It also comes with impressive features that allow you to control and adjust the cooking temperature with the help of the built-in temperature gauge and valve.

The unit heats up quickly and gives good results. The oven is also easy to clean, thanks to its stainless-steel construction which does not allow dirt and grime to stick to its surface. It gives a heat output of 17000 BTU per hour.

Key features:

  • Heating is enhanced as the ceiling has double layering
  • valve ignition is in-built
  • total flame control due to micro-adjust valve
  • Stainless steel construction is easy to clean
  • Stove Dimensions: 13.25″ x 20″
  • Dimensions of the Oven Opening: 22.25″ x 4.25″
  • Dimensions of the Shelf: 5″ x 23″
  • 17,000 BTU per hour heat output 
  • Weight: 47 lbs.


  • Efficient heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Micro-adjust valve allows temperature control


  • No lid
  • Heat only at the bottom may cause the pizza to burn

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DayByDay Portable Multifunction Best Outdoor Pizza

DayByDay has designed a portable multifunction outdoor pizza oven that works on wood charcoal. The stainless steel build of the oven ensures that the unit is durable and easy to clean. The stainless steel material does not allow dirt and grime produced over time, to accumulate on its surface. As a result, you do not need to spend hours scrubbing off the dirt on the unit.

It is a free-standing unit which means that it can be moved around as your requirements. The oven is multifunctional, i.e; it can be used in your backyard as well as on your camping trips and for other similar outdoor activities.   

Key features:

  • Heats up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Freestanding unit
  • Closed-firebox design with wooden handles to provide safety from burns while handling
  • Temperature gauge display
  • Includes a chimney with the unit
  • Stainless steel build
  • Uses wooden chips and pellets
  • Contains a stone plate to bake the pizza
  • The oven has four brackets making it stable


  • Efficient cooking
  • Temperature gauge display helps to control the cooking process
  • Durable
  • The chimney included in the unit eliminates smoke
  • portable


  • lower heating range compared to other units
  • expensive

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ROCCBOX Portable Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Roccbox outdoor pizza oven is designed to satisfy every pizza oven need that you may have. The unit weighs about 45 pounds. The unit’s designs allow you to choose whichever fuel you wish to use for the oven, however, it does not contain any converter parts that make the unit complicated. It comes with a cordierite stone and aluminum pizza peel to help make the tastiest pizza.

The oven can heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a built-in thermometer for temperature control. The unit is insulated as it has a stainless steel and stone build. It also has other safety features such as the rubberized exterior to prevent burns and other such accidents.       

Key features:

  • weighs 45 pounds
  • stainless steel and stone build
  • rubberized exterior
  • heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit
  • designs allow users to choose the fuel for the oven
  • the unit includes cordierite stone and aluminum peel
  • built-in temperature gauge
  • retractable legs
  • detachable dual-fuel burners
  • includes a free gas burner
  • body insulation and other safety features included
  • stand-alone unit
  • portable


  • allows users to choose fuel for the unit as per their preference and convenience
  • includes many tools that help to make and bake the pizza efficiently
  • good heat output
  • safety features like body insulation are included in the design of the oven to prevent accidents like skin burns
  • stainless steel and stone build makes the unit durable
  • stainless steel build allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit for all users


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

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The above-mentioned products form an assorted list of the best outdoor pizza ovens available in the market. They contain products that can satisfy the needs of a variety of potential outdoor pizza oven users. The Bertello Napoli is a good option for you if you want to choose the type of fuel you wish to use for the oven. Its unique design allows you to choose the fuel for the oven. It is also lightweight and portable.

The Ooni Koda outdoor pizza oven is another lightweight option that has an in-built flame ignition, which will allow you to switch the oven on and off instantly. The Camp Chef Outdoor pizza oven allows users to control the cooking temperature and heating of the oven as it comes with a thermal gauge and valve that helps to efficiently heat the oven and cook the food faster.  The Outdoor Pizza oven by DayByDay is another viable option for those who want a clean working space with the pizza oven.

The oven has a chimney attached to it, that helps to eliminate the smoke that the oven emits while cooking the pizza. The Roccbox outdoor is another good choice if you want the feature of the choice of fuel for your oven without unnecessary complications.  

You can choose to buy any of the above mentioned best outdoor pizza ovens as per your preference and requirements.     

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