5 Best Induction Cooktops 2020

The induction cooktops use electromagnetic fields for heat conduction, and because of this, the heat directly transfers to the compatible cookware. Induction cooktops are safer to use because they do not use a radiant coil or flame-like other cooktops. As soon as you remove the pot and pan, the heating function stops. The induction cooktop does not become excessively hot, so it prevents spills and messes too.

With advanced technology, everything is changing, and this is also in case of meal preparation. An induction cooktop provides an energy-efficient and safe cooking. Preparing meals is not a troublesome process for any generation with the induction cooktops.  Every year the latest models of induction cooktops are introduced so you can choose the one as your choice. Typically there are portable and drop-in induction cooktops. Portable induction cooktops come with one or two burners, and drop-in induction cooktops are commonly installed on a kitchen island or over a wall oven.

Buyers Guide: Important Things to Consider While Buying an Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops make use of the magnetic field created by alternating electrical current that produces heat. The induction zone transfers heat to the cookware itself without wasting any energy so it can quickly boil water. The controls are responsive and precise, and sensors cut off power to prevent mess and accidents. For cooking in an induction cooktop, stainless steel pr cast iron cookware with a flat bottom is perfect.

How do induction cooktop works?

Induction cooktops use magnetism for cooking the food. It uses electricity that runs through a coil, and the electric current creates a magnetic field when an induction-compatible pot is placed over the burner, the magnetic current transfers through the cookware made of stainless steel or iron, and the food cooks.

What are the benefits of using induction cooktops?

There are various benefits of using induction cooktops, and we are going to discuss more in detail.

Saves Time

An induction cooktop directly transfers the heat to the cookware, and the energy heats the food. This heat is focused in one place and allows the food to cook fast.

Safe to use

Cooking involves heat, so there is always a danger attached to it. The heat of an open flame may cause an accident, or a gas burner may release gas into the air. These are life-threatening situations that can happen in electric or gas stoves. But all these situations do not occur using an induction range.

Easy to clean

Induction cooktops are easy to clean because of their smooth and seamless surfaces, unlike traditional stoves. The surface does not get hot like gas or electric stoves, so there is no mess after cooking.  

What are the essential factors to consider?

Cooking power is the most important factor to consider when choosing an induction cooktop. You can sear foods or boil water at high heat, but it is essential to focus on the low end of the spectrum too. In the induction stoves, you can simmer at low heat without burning. There are different heating ranges in induction cooktops.


Typically there are two types of induction stoves, i.e., built-in and portable. Both of these are good to use, depending on your needs. A built-in induction cooktop is the right choice if you want that the new cooktop is the main cooking surface. A portable induction stove is good to use if you want an extra burner to add to your cooking space when required. A compact model is appropriate if you’re going to take your burner onto your deck or patio.


Every year more and more brands are battling for dominance, so they come up with new features such as wireless connectivity, ease of cleaning, customizable layouts, and various other options that make cooking enjoyable. The additional features may not be important factors when buying an induction, but you should consider them to get the best value for money.


It is also essential to consider the design of the induction cooktop because it is one that continually displays in your kitchen. Choose the one that enhances the look of your kitchen.


It is essential to consider the best brand in the market because they produce quality products. All the things, such as material quality, easy maintenance, and repair are the best with branded induction cooktops. The best brands ensure high-quality material and superior quality control.


The warranty offered by the manufacturer gives a sense of product reliability. The guarantee may be comprehensive or extendable. It means a brand is confident about product performance.


Choose an induction range with many heat settings so you can use different settings for different purposes like boiling, searing steak, or keeping the food warm, etc.

Product Reviews of the Best Induction Cooktops

Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30″ Slide-In Electric Range with Induction Technology 

Frigidaire’s electric range has an induction cooktop and also a convection fan to facilitate air movement that results in even and quick cooking on different racks. The temperature displays while the oven preheats, which is helpful as it is not available in many ranges. The steam cleaning feature does not involve harsh chemicals and cleans the oven in twenty minutes. It also comes with a regular cleaning mode, so you can also use it to clean sticky messes.  The cooktop range has a keep warm zone, which keeps the food warm until you are ready to serve it. The function is helpful if you don’t want to take food out of the oven. The radiant heat center warms the tortillas and bread.

With the induction technology, you will get meals faster, and it boils water in less than two minutes. It heats the cookware, not the cooktop, so if there are any spills, then it will not burn on the surface. The exceptional temperature control adjusts the heat with accuracy than other cooktops, particularly at lower settings. The heating element and the single convection fan evenly circulate the hot air that assists multi-rack baking.


  • Faster cooking due to induction technology
  • Lesser clean up time because cooktop does not heat
  • Accurate temperature control especially at lower settings
  • Single convection fan heats the oven throughout
  • More rapid and even multi-rack baking


  • Displays oven temperature while preheating
  • Affordable
  • Speeds up the cooking
  • High efficiency


  • Little Noisy
  • Knobs cannot be removed for cleaning

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GE PHP9036DJBB 36 Inch Cooktop with 5 Induction

The product offers you to cook using powerful five elements that directly induces heat in the pan, which reduces surface heat and offer precise control. You can control two elements with the Sync Burners to evenly heat griddles or large cookware, and this is the easiest way to upgrade your kitchen. The GE cooktop guarantees an exact fit and makes the replacement easy.  For full details, you can go through the Fit Guarantee document. You should try new technologies to make most of your kitchen with GE induction cooktop. The product can face challenges to offer convenience, comfort, control, and electrical protection.

The appliance is safe to use as it provides you a control lock to prevent accidents. It comes with digital touch controls, and you can also adjust the element’s temperature as your choice. The product comes in two colors, i.e., stainless steel and black. You will get efficient, fast, and easy cleaning with a shiny surface. The cooktop does not heat up, so spills do not burn onto the surface. It works great once you learn about the product. The precise heat control level allows you to make changes faster.


  • Digital touch controls
  • Adjust the element’s temperature as your choice
  • Spills do not burn onto the surface
  • Precise heat control


  • Quickens your cooking 
  • Easy to use
  • Energy-efficient appliance
  • Simple controls


  • No light at the top makes it hard to see the controls

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Samsung NZ36K7880UG Cooktop-Best Stylish Induction Cooktop

The Samsung induction cooktop is stylish and has all the features that you might hope for in a stove. It is one of the best innovative brands of the cooktop. This product from Samsung features a total five elements that are controlled by designer touch controls. The cooktop has a stainless steel trim giving it a stylish appearance. It comes with a powerful and innovative feature like Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity, so giving you more control and flexibility over your cooking.  The most exciting feature is that the cooking surface adapts as per the size and shape of the cookware. There is a magnetic knob so you can use it in place of the touch controls to enhance the traditional cooking experience.

The virtual flame feature is one of the flashiest features which projects images of flame onto the cookware bottom. It indicates that an induction element heats the cookware from the bottom.


  • Wi-Fi enabled connectivity
  • Mechanical knob along with touch control
  • Virtual flame indicates heat
  • Stainless steel trim


  • User-savvy features
  • Easy to use controls
  • Highly efficient cooking
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not compatible with all kitchen utensils

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Bosch NIT8069UC 30″ 800 Series Smart Induction Cooktop

The Bosch NIT8069UC 30″ 800 series of smart induction cooktop features a beautiful black design with four burners. The induction cooktop comes with high-power four elements that can heat at low levels. The cooktop features intuitive and impressive touch controls. The AutoChef features allow preset and programmed cooking settings, allowing appealing customization to upgrade your cooking experience. There are varieties of other features such as auto-sizing that can comfortably accommodate pans and pots of different sizes to satisfy your needs. The product is reliable and gives satisfaction to the user. It performs well at low and high heat levels. The induction cooktop from the Bosch 800 series is an excellent choice for your kitchen.


  • Four elements
  • Impressive touch controls
  • Autochef features
  • Accommodates pans and pots of every size


  • Great looks and excellent performance
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Easy to maintain and use


  • Consumes bit more power

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Electrolux EW36IC60LBWave-Touch 36″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

If you love cooking, then this induction cooktop is made for you. The cooktop will give you a fantastic experience, and it can prepare anything quickly.  The induction cooktop boils water within minutes.  There are various beautiful features of this unit, so you should give it a try. It looks lovely and enhances the appearance of your kitchen. The cooktop is easy to clean using a paper towel or soft cloth. The controls are user-savvy and make your cooking quick and accurate. The brand is famous all over the world because it manufactures the product of quality that has created a benchmark in the appliance industry.

The induction cooktop gives you quick and easy cooking experience. The dual versatile element increases energy efficiency by adjusting the power output according to the size of your cookware. The product is equipped with lots of features regarding usability and design. It is a real delight to use this induction cooktop. The seven inches burner is sufficient for small pots, and eleven inches is adequate for large cookware. Each burner comes with its dedicated control panel.


  • Burners with dedicated touch control panel
  • Power output adjusts according to cookware
  • Two different size burners
  • Spills do not burn onto the surface


  • Power-saving features
  • Perfect for all cooking types
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to use controls


  • Bit costly

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Today the market is flooded with varieties of induction cooktops. Choosing the right product might be a confusing task, but this article has compiled all the essential features of top brand induction cooktops. You can choose the product that fulfills your unique needs and cooking style. The above-given options will give you plenty to consider so you can find the best induction cooktop to upgrade our cooking experience.