5 Best Gas Cooktops 2020

Gas cooktops are favorites of people who love cooking, and there are many apparent reasons for the same.  A turn of a knob results in a flame rise and fall,  giving a sense of control. While cooking on a gas cooktop, the cookware remains in direct contact with fire. The temperature is easy to adjust, preventing the burning of food, soups, or sauces.

The new sparkling cooktop adds grace to your kitchen. The latest models come with more burners, and they have a range of temperature controls. Many people fear maintenance, cost, installation, or non-user savvy features of gas cooktops, but we will clear all these misunderstandings in this article. Gas cooktops are a fantastic way to upgrade your cooking experience as it makes the work go more quickly and will be the welcomed addition to your kitchen routine.

Buyers Guide: Essential Things to Consider while Buying a Gas Cooktop

Gas stovetops are more complex than other ranges and utilize a gas fuel. Once you ignite the flame, it keeps on functioning.

What features to look for in a gas cooktop?

Cooking on a gas cooktop is easy, but various features must be considered while buying a gas cooktop.


Gas cooktops’ functioning involves a particular process. The fuel is fire lit, and heat is adjusted to place the cookware. For long term usage of gas cooktop, an essential thing to ensure is its reliability. The best brand gas cooktops come with guarantees and warranties, which means the manufacturer is confident about its functioning and future use. But not all warranties are the same, so consider buying the cooktop will maximum guarantee. It will prevent the cooktop for long and ensures the brand’s belief in effectiveness and power on the product.


Apart from cooking power, many other features must be considered while buying a gas cooktop such as auto-shutoff, wireless connectivity, etc. to enjoy the top-class cooking experience.


The cooking power of a gas cooktop means its ability to cook well, and it is one of the essential factors to consider while picking your selection. The power is measured in BTUs, which is a unit that determines the heat output a burner can manage. Most of the burners used in homes can reach up to 20,000 BTU.

However, burners should also work efficiently in small output levels. An efficient gas cooktop comes with a range of power like some have dedicated burners for different purposes, and some can fulfill all the needs from high to low.


Design plays a crucial role in upgrading your kitchen décor, so a gas cooktop must be visually appealing that you can proudly include in your kitchen. Make sure to buy the one according to personal preferences.

What are the benefits of using a gas cooktop?

Less costly

Gas cooktops are affordable and cost less than an electric range. The basic model comes in a variety of $100, and more advanced cooktops can range between $500-$1000.

Accurate Temperature Control

Gas cooktops have precise temperature control in comparison to electric cooktops. Induction cooktops also offer accurate control of temperature and come in the same category.

Works perfectly with all Cookwares

Gas cooktops work perfectly with all the types of cookware, unlike induction or electric cooktops. So you need not replace your existing pans and pots.

What are the different kinds of burners available?

Gas cooktops have mainly four types of burners, such as large, medium, simmer, and wok burner. Large burners get heated fast, so it is necessary to take care of temperature controls. Medium is used for cooking meals that need rapid temperature changes. Simmer burners are useful for melting chocolate or butter, and wok burners provide rapid heat flow, and it heats up faster than others. So you can use it for stir-fry cooking and quick boiling.

What are the safety features and control types available?

Most of the advanced gas cooktops come with the safety features that include a child safety lock and hot surface indicator. You must also install a flame failure device which restricts the gas supply if the flame goes out accidentally. Some cooktops have this safety device, but if it is not there, you must surely install it with the help of a professional. 

You must ensure that control knobs are easy to use with gloves. The different labels on the burners will avoid confusion and help you in smooth control. More advanced gas cooktop models have LCDs and programmable controls. Some also come with other features like cook timers and per-heating.

Product Reviews

GE JGP3030SLSS 30 Inch Gas Cooktop-Best Budget Gas Cooktop

GE brand is known for its modern kitchen appliances. GE manufactures durable tools that are visually appealing, and the brand is a best-seller in various categories. The gas cooktops by GE is following the same trend and displaying the core values of the company.

This 30” gas cooktop comes with four burners. The cooktop has control knobs located on the right of the unit. The product is user-friendly and makes it a top choice when it comes to usability. The continuous grates allow convenient handling of heavy pans and pots.

The cooktop assures of a perfect fit, and if there is any required adjustment, then the brand pays the additional cost.  The gas cooktop comes with an electric ignition system as well as a calibrated burner with power ratings that fulfills a range of heating requirements. The left front burner is 15000 BTU, and the right one is 12,000 BTU. The left and right rear burners produce a maximum of 9500 BTU and 5000 BTU, respectively. 

You can use the left rear burner for melting chocolates, thickening sauces without worrying about scorching it. The gas cooktop is available in an all-black exterior so you can give a beautiful, radiant look to your kitchen décor.


  • Four Powerful burners
  • Heavy-duty, dishwasher safe grates
  • LP conversion kit included
  • Deep-recessed, Stainless steel cooktop
  • Precise simmer burner


  • Easy to clean
  • Adaptable heat
  • Backed with one year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Burner indicators are little goofy in position

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Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30 Gas Cooktop-Best Overall

Frigidaire FGGC304 is one of the best gas cooktops available in the market. The cooktop makes cooking easy so that you can cook delicious meals within a limited time. The unit fits perfectly in 30 inches space. It has five burners, and four of them are sealed. A sealed burner emits flame through a protective cap so your cookware will not get a direct fire. The sealed burner makes the cleaning task easy, and your cookware can also be cleaned quickly.

The burners are sturdy and have a BTU rating that ranges from 450 to 18,000BTU. The center burner offers more heat. The control knob on the unit is located on the top, unlike other gas cooktops that have knobs on the front. The high positioned knobs are simple to operate, and you need not look down for working the knob. The controls are simple to use, and the ridge in the middle makes gripping easy even though you are wearing a glove.

The cooktop has a cast-iron grate, and this allows you to move the pan from one burner to others when you are cooking. The unit is suitable to use with propane or natural gas. You can quickly cook on multiple burners as it will not feel crowded even though you use large pans for cooking.


  • Low simmer burner
  • Continuous grates
  • Spill safe cooktop
  • Express-select controls


  • Stainless steel body
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Unit is prone to scratching

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KITCHENAID KCGS350ESS 30″ Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners-Best Gas Cooktop for Value

The cooktop unit is outstanding and performs well to bring delicious meals to your table. The Kitchenaid 30” gas cooktop came with five sealed burners and made of three heavy-duty grates made of cast iron. These grates allow a seamless transition of pots from one to another, so if you are busy cooking different delicacies, you can easily switch the required one to simmer. These five sealed burners provide even heating through the grated surface. The unit is perfect for a smaller kitchen, and the heat control makes it a versatile product.

The burners of this gas cooktop range from the 5000 BTU to 17,000 BTU, and they are are easy to clean, and the knobs and grates are dishwashers safe. The variety of burners and right heat settings will cook the meals to perfection. The optimal heat delivery, even cooking, and appealing design makes it a perfect choice for a kitchen. So, it is time to include this great tool in your remolded or new kitchen to upgrade the cooking experience.


  • 5 Sealed Burners range from 5000-17000 BTUs
  • 5K BTU Simmer Burner for even-Heat
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Automatically Lights Burners


  • Easy to clean
  • Heat resistant
  • Affordable price


  • Grids are high so that cooking may take longer

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Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30” –Best Reliable Gas Burner

The Bosch 800 30” stainless steel gas cooktop has four burners.  The cooktop is available in stainless steel and black. It can be operated for propane or natural gas, but majorly it is made for natural gas use. However, if you wish to use the cooktop with propane, you must keep in mind that there is no conversion kit available with this product.

There are five sealed burners, and the most massive burner delivers up to 18,000 BTU, which is perfect for the delicacies that need high temperatures. There are many safety features like an indicator light that indicates that the burner is on. Moreover, the burners will automatically re-ignite if they are blown out. The cooktop can be cleaned easily, and removable knobs make the cleaning easy.


  • 5 Sealed Burners
  • Centralized Controls
  • Cast Iron Continuous Grates
  • 18,000 BTU Burner
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Knobs


  • Powerful burners
  • High-efficiency
  • Heat and break-resistant


  • Stainless steel stains after sometime

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Empava 36” Stainless Steel 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Stove Top Gas Cooktop EMPV-36GC881-Best Power Gas Cooktop

Empava offers you the industry’s best products, and the same is in the case of gas cooktops. Once you include this stainless steel gas cooktop in your kitchen, you are likely to spend a lot more time there. The highly popular unit outperforms others as it comes with high-output components. The burners deliver perfect heat to each pan, and it comes with infinite control settings. The sealed burner settings are designed for safety and easy cleaning.

You can control this cooktop easily as it has an electric ignition that ignites burners when required. The height of the sealed burner makes it adequate for simmering. The cooktop has dishwasher safe grates and auto shut off option with the sensor to prevent gas leak, and this keeps your family safe. The continuous grill allows placing pots on different burners and distributes heat evenly. Your creativity, efficiency, and enjoyment in the cooking will significantly increase when you use this versatile and high-grade performance gas cooktop.


  • Natural gas and LPG convertible
  • Five burners with auto shut off
  • Heavy cast-iron grates
  • Continuous grates


  • Minimal cleanup
  • Sealed burners prevent food spills
  • Durable
  • Appealing


  • None

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This article must have given you a clear understanding of choosing the best gas cooktop for your kitchen. The comprehensive product reviews help you know the features and details of different cooktops so you can pick the one that fulfills your cooking needs. Gas cooktops are versatile and budget-friendly so, it will be a great decision if you are thinking of replacing your old cooktop. Choose the one from above-listed products that suit your needs to enjoy the long-lasting and excellent performance.