5 Best Electric Smooth Tops 2020

It is a bit overwhelming to find the best electric smooth top, but the task becomes more comfortable if you know about various features and designs that can satisfy your needs. Moreover, it’s necessary to focus on what you can afford so you can easily balance between the elements and the cost of a smooth top. It is an immensely popular choice for people around the globe. They are user-friendly and easy to clean; moreover, a perfect combination of functionality and value.

Choosing the right electric smooth top isn’t easy because there are various brands, dozens of models, and varying price ranges. So how to know which features and price are the best and how one electric range is better than the other. Here we have listed down the best electric smooth tops with their detailed features that will help you know the best smooth top for your home.

Buyers Guide for Picking the Right Smooth top

A smooth electric top converts electricity into heat energy. These are made of ceramic or glass and have a stylish and sleeker look.

What are the crucial factors to consider while buying a smooth electric top?



These ranges slide into a specific space and have controls in the front. There is no background, and they slightly fit tight. The trim filler lies between the counters and the range, thus giving it a beautiful built-in appearance. They are easy to clean and look beautiful, and controls in the front give you safer cooking experience.


These ranges can either stand-alone or slide anywhere in the kitchen, and they have finished sides. Most of them have a background where controls are situated, making it an affordable design. However, it is troublesome if you are used to a cooktop with controls in the front. Some freestanding ranges come with controls on the front that look the same as slide-in ranges.


Drop-in ranges fit perfectly into cabinetry, and there is no storage drawer available beneath the oven. It gives a more cut-out and customized fit but is not so popular than slide-in or freestanding models. 


Most of the electric ranges are 30 inches to 48 inches wide depending upon the burners, ovens, griddles, woks, or grills.  So you can choose the size depending on the components you want.


A spacious oven is better for baking. Most of the smooth tops have a small oven of two cubic feet and the largest of four cubic feet. More the capacity, the bigger treats you can bake easily.

Single or double oven- which one is better?

Many smooth top ranges come with single or double ovens. Double- smooth oven top has the small oven on top and large oven below. These are perfect to roast or bake different foods that need different temperatures to cook. You can also use a single oven, especially while re-heating the food items like pizzas, pasta, etc. and you can do this on the upper oven to save preheating time. A large roast is challenging to remove from the lower oven because its door is close to the door.

What are the other additional features of a smooth top?

Expandable Bridge, Elements, and Burner

There is a bridge element on some electric range that allows fitting a griddle or other cookware. Most smooth tops have an expandable burner, so you can choose the size that matches the diameter of your pot.

Warning Lights

Hot surface warning lights warn you that an element is still hot. The warning lights are useful, especially on a smooth electric top, and some products have a warning light for an individual burner. The warning lights prevent accidents that may occur if you come in contact with the hot top.

Control Lockout

Control lockout allows you to disable the controls of the oven. It is recommended to have a control panel on the front instead of the back panel, especially if there are children in your home.

Delayed start

It allows you to set the time for the start and stop of the smooth electric top. However, you should not leave the oven unattended for long to prevent accidents.


The pricey ranges have one or more fans for circulating hot air in the oven. Some electric models have an additional heating element, and this reduces cooking time. It assists in even baking. 

How to clean the cooktop?

You can use ceramic solutions made specifically for electric cooktops. There are varieties of cleaning solutions available in the market. For ovens, there is a self-clean option in which you can heat it to high-temperatures for a specific period that burns away food particles and grease, and this prevents smoky cooking when you prepare anything in the future.
Product Reviews

Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF-Best freestanding electric range

Frigidaire is known for its outstanding appliances range. The smooth top features five burners, of which two of them are linked for extensive pan cooking or griddle. It comes with a superpower convection cooking and temperature probe. The unique preheat function for fast preheating. The Powerglide stainless steel racks slide out to access hot food dishes safely and comfortably.

This freestanding electric range has superior looks and performance in the affordable price range. The stainless steel finish, smudge-proof and sleek design, front controls along with handle makes it a popular choice.  These features are undoubtedly important, but heat is the other essential requirement, which brings out perfectly. The burners can attain the highest temperature of 700°F, and the lowest setting is 106°F. This is suitable for keeping things warm. It can boil about six cups of water with one burner in four minutes only. It bakes evenly. The smooth top comes with extras like bridge burner, storage drawer, temperature probe, and griddle.


  • Convection Conversion
  • PowerPlus Temperature Probe
  • SpacePro Bridge Element


  • Front-mounted controls
  • Includes storage drawer
  • Smudge-proof
  • Perfect and even baking


  • None

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Cafe CHS950P2MS1 30 Inch Electric Range-Best value electric range

The 30-inch electric range boasts of superior cooking ability and high-end power. The beautiful glass cooktop features a power boil heating element that quickly boils water. The sleek and streamlined electric range enjoys European convection that evenly heats the food giving you perfectly baked food items. It is highly connected like other high-end performances so you can sync it to the smartphone or digital assistant device to control the range remotely. 

The product allows you to enhance your culinary skills as it adjusts the temperature, cooking pace, and time according to the recipes for superior results. You can arrange large dinner parties as it comes with a double oven with convection. It gives flexibility and proper heat circulation for a real cooking experience.  The LED panel is sleek, and it disappears when it is not in use. The oven can be controlled from any room by connecting it with the Wi-Fi of your smartphone.


  • Highest Element Output: 3700 Watts
  • Five Elements
  • Total Capacity: 6.7 cubics. Ft.
  • Convection
  • LED panel


  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Superior cooking experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Slow preheating

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GE JD630DFWW Electric Smoothtop Range Oven-Best features a smooth top

GE is one of the best electric smooth tops at affordable prices. There is not so much to choose from these cooktops, but GE offers unique functions that make it a popular choice. The oven comes with a self-cleaning function, so you need not worry about the smoky flavors that occur in the cooking. The 3,600-watt broiler is perfect for crisping vegetables, thin cut meats, and bacon. The quality and power of the cooktop burners are appreciable, and it comes with simple controls. The output of the burner ranges from 1200 to 3000 watts. The dual elements can be adjusted to the size of the cooking pot.

Some of the models also have a triple element burner.  The full-width storage drawer is removable, and you can store kitchen accessories and cookware in it. The fifth element provides low heating for varieties of foods. It comes with two oven racks that can be configured in six positions to cater to the different baking needs. This model comes in three colors, i.e., black, white, and stainless steel. It includes functions like safety shutdown after twelve hours, a delay timer, and a safety lock that restricts children from opening it in your absence.


  • Removable storage drawer
  • Low heat capability from fifth element warming zone
  • Accommodate different baking needs with two oven racks
  • Oven racks can be configured in six ways


  • Self-cleaning
  • Powerful broil
  • Safety locks
  • User-friendly


  • Small capacity oven
  • No convection

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Kenmore 94173 5.3 cubics. Ft Electric Range-Best to Buy

The company Kenmore features a superior quality ceramic glass cooktop that comes with four elements.  The four-burner electric range is suitable for families who love home-made delicacies. The glass cooktop is easy to clean, and the spacious oven is adequate for baking large varieties of pizzas and other treats. The electric range helps you prepare types of gourmet recipes and one-pot meals. The storage drawer allows keeping baking sheets, pans, and pots in the bottom, so there is extra space in the kitchen. There is a warm and hold function that keeps the food hot for long without over-baking or drying out.  

The 5.3 cubic foot spacious oven can evenly roast turkeys, and you can bake other items for parties or potlucks. The durable cooktop resists to scratches and damage, and the dual six- nine-inch element allows you to cook everything ranging from breakfast to dinner. You can easily wipe up the splatters and spills from the oven racks or place the racks in the dishwasher for cleaning. The self-cleaning feature allows cleaning the oven by burning away baked-on spills and messes. For this, you can set two, three, or four-hour self-clean cycle.


  • Spacious oven
  • Self-cleaning
  • Storage drawer
  • Comes with warm and hold function


  • Dishwasher safe racks
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep food hot for long
  • Resist to scratches


  • None

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Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30″ Slide-In Electric Range

This slide-in electric range comes with fast induction technology. The cooktop brings water to a boil in two minutes only. It is easy to clean, so it reduces cleanup time. The cooktop heats the pan but does not heat itself. The spills don’t burn the surface, and the appliance has exceptional temperature control so that heat can be adjusted with greater accuracy, especially at low settings. The preheating is quick, and it is done in a few minutes. It comes with a single convection fan that circulates hot air fast and multi-rack baking.

You will love this range as it will give you boiled water in some seconds. It heats pots quickly, so you need to be careful while cooking. The oven bakes evenly and nicely. You can steam clean the oven so that sticky mess will be cleaned in minutes or use a regular clean setting to do this work. Set bake time and enjoy the baked item with your friends and family. It works great for tortillas and bread. The fan starts working as soon as the machine begins to work.


  • Faster Boiling
  • Reduce Cleanup Time
  • Exceptional Temperature Control
  • Quick Preheat


  • Rapid boil plates
  • Self-cleaning
  • Smart controls


  • Thin pans heat excessively
  • Range top clicks

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Electric smooth tops undoubtedly add ease to your cooking as they come with varieties of features. Apart from comfort, they enhance the way of cooking without exposure to accidents that may happen while you cook in the kitchen as there are lots of safety features.   The kitchen is a pride point for many people, so aesthetics matter much, and the appliances add to its beauty.

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