What is a Deep Fryer?

What is a Deep Fryer

A deep fryer is kitchen equipment which is used for heating cooking fats or oil so that the deep frying process can commence. Deep fryers are used for fry cooking food in hot oil and the food being fry cooked is entirely submerged in the oil.

Deep fryers can either be used at home (residential deep fryers) or in places of work like restaurants and hotels (commercial deep fryers). Different people call it different names, but the most common are ‘flash fryers’ and ‘deep fat fryers.’

Residential and Commercial Deep Fryers

Like stated earlier, deep fryers are grouped into two categories – commercial and residential deep fry cookers. The residential deep fry cookers are usually smaller when compared to their commercial variants. Also, the features of both categories are generally a little different with commercial cookers packing more features than their domestic counterparts.

Deep fryers built for home use are always smaller with a lower oil chamber and ultimately a smaller capacity. Thus, these sets of deep fryers are ideal for a small family use with serving quantities expected. The commercial deep fryers, on the other hand, are capable of containing large amounts of food to be fried due to the capacity of their large oil chambers and their entire size.

These kitchen equipment have their innards usually made of stainless steel or black steel, or even cast iron and these innards are typically in the form of a deep ‘walled’ pot. There are usually fry baskets which fit inside of these deep pots and are used for holding the items to be cooked.

Depending on the type of deep fryers, the baskets may or may not be present, and even when present they could be made of nest baskets. Deep fryers without a basket present usually make use of slotted spoons to put in and remove the items (food) from the pots/oil chambers.

Deep fryers come in various sizes, and most of the smaller sized deep fryers are built to be electrically powered. This way, using the deep fryer is convenient, and it can be placed on top of a kitchen counter – making it a perfect residential deep fryer (countertop deep fryers).

Their larger counterparts are not left out and can be used both commercially and in the home. These larger deep fryers are mostly used for heavy duty frying as seen in restaurants or large fast foods. They are usually either countertop versions which have a number of removable fry baskets or the typical restaurant version.


The discernible difference between commercial and residential deep fryers is their capacity. Those built to be used at are usually smaller with their capacities pegged at fewer outputs due to their oil holding chambers – most are capable of holding a quart of oil whereas others can hold a few gallons of oil fitting to deep fry full chicken, medium sized turkey or even whole ducks.

Other features

Many deep fryers are built with safety in mind, so they have handles that are used to keep your hands from touching the heated surface and boiling oil. Their baskets also are used for draining hot oil when the food is being removed from the deep fryer. Many deep fryers have lids, some made of glass which lets you have a look at the food while it’s being deep fried.

Others have their covers made of other materials to prevent splattering of the grease while being deep fried. In addition, some deep fryers use filters for keeping the aroma of the food inside the fryer, so they are lost in the air. Although the smell is hard to contain, so this entire aroma won’t be kept in check. These filters are usually replaceable; i.e. can be removed when needed.

Overall, deep fryers are a necessity if you love fried foods. Before selecting a deep fryer, be sure to consider the capacity of the deep fryer and the quantity of food you want deep fried. If you are going to be frying large proportions of food, then the capacity should be enough to cook most of the food in one batch to save you time and energy.

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