Deep Fryer Buying Guide

Deep Fryer Buying Guide

A deep fryer is essential kitchen equipment if you love deep fried foods like onion rings, pork chops and even snacks like donuts. Depending on how you like your deep fried meal, you might want to opt for oil-less deep fryers to cook food with just a little or no oil at all. This type of deep fryers are best for low-fat diets and people who love deep fried foods, but want to do away with the excess calories.

Interestingly, professional tests carried out by researchers indicate that even standard deep fryers can be used to produce little calorie food by using just little oil even after submerging the food in the oil as long as the food is well cooked.

Deep fryers are time savers and this buying guide is meant to show you precise features to look out for when opting for a deep fryer as some of these features make them stand out and offer better services than other variants.

Key features to consider before opting for any deep fryer

Buy the right capacity for your frying needs

This is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration before you purchase a deep fryer. When getting a deep fryer, make sure to consider how many people you plan to cook for or else you’ll be preparing food in batches which is more time consuming and stressful. Depending on the size of the family or guests, a 12-cup deep fryer should accommodate enough food items for a full family while a 4-cup deep fryer would be ideal for a serving single user or two, a 6-cup deep fryer would serve two guests or three with a smaller quantity. For meals like whole chicken or turkey, the type of deep fryer you should be getting would need to have a very large capacity so it can accommodate the size of the bird you plan to fry even when fully submerged.

Adjustable temperature

If you are opting for a deep fryer, you should consider one with adjustable temperature controls as this makes cooking different kinds of foods easy. You can go from the recommended 375 degrees Fahrenheit which most foods require to lower or higher depending on how you want it.

Nonstick interior

Cleaning can be a difficult experience when using deep fryers; this is why those with nonstick interiors are recommended as they make cleaning easier. If you can, opt for stainless steel baskets as they are usually resistant to rusting and pitting. You can also decide to opt for dishwashers safe deep fryers.

Power rating

Deep fryers with high electric power rating (wattage) utilize powerful heating elements to heat oil more efficiently and to the desired temperature in no time. The high rating makes the oil to come up to the required rating even after the food is added, thus making the cooking process easy and smooth, producing crisp meals outwardly and moist without excess oil inwardly.

Fryer safety features

Having a deep fryer with safety features like lid can help minimize accidents like splashing oil from the very hot cooking oil. Also, if the deep fryer has a very deep tank, there’ll likely be reduced hot oil splashes which can cause serious damage when they come in contact with skin or face during the frying process. If you can, opt for fryers which have windows in the lid that lets you monitor the food without needing to open the lid.

Also, breakaway power cord which many deep fryers have can be very useful to reducing cooking accidents. These cords are usually not connected to the fryers stiffly, but attached via magnets so if you trip over the cord, it will simply detach instead of sending the fryer into the air with its hot contents coming down hard all over you.

Don’t forget to opt for a deep fryer with a cool exterior even with the heat on the inside as this can save your finger tips from surprise yet serious damage from the hot surface when accidentally touched or when trying to hold the fryer steady when the food is ready to be removed.

Frying baskets

For deep fryers that make do with oil, there are usually hooks for frying baskets. These baskets are useful for holding the food till the oil is drained before lifting out.

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